Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Take my monster ...please

So ......my husband ordered some bubble wrap.

It took the delivery guy and me (in my pajamas) to wrestle it through the front door.

Me (to spouse) " wow, that's a lot of bubble wrap."

The spouse's reply was one of (the only)two that he's had these past few days.

The stare of evil .

(in silence)

OR the crab apple.

This one is verbal.

He's off to Copenhagen today. Should be spending the night in our new house.

I'm really going to miss him.

Hopefully he will be over his demonic possesion errr I mean Man cold by the time he returns.


Yesterday ,we both had errands to run in spite of how awful we feel. C.A. dropped me off in Fareham and then went to run his errands.

I took some random pictures out in the streets. There really wasn't much to see.

Weird junk art.

The market stalls packing up for the day.

Brass Monkey pub

One of the few left. Most are in pretty bad shape.

Fashions on the street.

This bean obsession sort of nauseates me.

more fashions and YES,it's the dollar errr pound store .

more random fashions

beach towels for sale. umm OK

Beautiful downtown Fareham

more of the same

scenes from the way home

weird exit sign.

boats sitting in hardly any water

cute lil' cracker boxes

The hood. And now...blogger won't cooperate with me anymore so I'm out of here. I have no paitence at the moment.

have a great day ya'll !


Anonymous said...

Great "farewell" pictures. That really is a pretty neighborhood. I hope you're feeling a little more human before your move. Can't wait to see pictures of your new place! Take care. :)

Mary said...

One chapter closing. A new chapter about to begin. Here's hoping that you feel better and that hubby is past the "goul" stage of his illness.

Anonymous said...

Love the new masthead pic. Really blue eyes on that cat. Wow! That is a lot of bubble wrap. I assume hub ordered it to pack with? That will be enuf for the next 14 moves. Consider it a lifetime supply. A special thank you from the plastics industry for helping the economy. Good luck with the move and send lots of pics from Copenhagen. Beautiful place. G5

Anonymous said...

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