Saturday, October 23, 2010

Meaningless babble......

Me: all dizzy

Hubby : all sick

Everyone being bedridden does not get much work done. Gah!!!

He had to go to work yesterday . The poor thing said "None of them even noticed he was sick. "
I'm sure I would have whined about it atleast once . lol

I managed to do laundry and hang it up on the old lady drying rack.I'm finding that when the severe dizziness hits ,if I keep moving my head (in the way that made me dizzy) then the dizziness goes away just as quickly as if I just cover my eyes and wait to faint.Maybe by fighting it that way ,my fluff brain will compensate and this shit will go away sooner. (I hope and pray!)

We got a smaller crate for Cavuto's flight to Copenhagen. I managed to put that togather as well. (what a productive day) errr not.

Tha reminds me I think we're out of here around the 5th. Hubby gave the new Mr. Landlord a buttload of money yesterday.First, they sent him a lease saying "No Pets" "excuse me?"

So they had to rewrite the lease. It's all looking like a go now. "I" need to know what exactly are they leaving in that apartment. So I know what we need to bring. Getting this info is like pulling teeth in various countries. (UGH)

That reminds me, I am still smoke free .But at home I had already adjusted to my routine with out cigs. Well, big surprise .....I got here and it was like starting all over again. Every place an every thing is a trigger .(insert cuss words)
And no damn sunflower seeds here. I think I still need them. (hint ,hint any child of mine)

Not sure if I am still getting fatter by the day or not. I don't even want to know. I just hope that it will all come off eventually ,with no car and all.

I wonder if they have cheetos in denmark.

Hopefully I'll go some where today and have something more exciting to report later on.

Enjoy your Saturday peeps!


Anonymous said...

You know with me having a stroke it increases your chances of having one, family history and all. Hard not knowing what caused it! Gotta avoid stress he said. Would you believe diet wasn't mentioned? Doubled my cholestrol medicine. aj

Anonymous said...

Congrats and keep up the good work. Hope you have a smooth move, including the cats. G5

SOUL said...

i can't believe they don't sell sunflower seeds out there-- WTH? why not? and if you knew that-- why did you not pack loads of them to take with you??? don't you know by now to 'be prepareed"???
christmas is coming -- perhaps santa will bring you some. if you can be nice to your baby sister. :))

ya know-- that stupid brain infarction i have was caused by a stroke? i don't know when or where - but i do think that's what it was -- i have all the long lasting after effects.. etc. i do believe it was the last time i had that horrible headache and didn't go to the dr.
my neuro doc said it was caused by 'migraines'.. my research, and belief- and symptoms etc-- point to stroke. when are you gonna see a dr???? you need an MRI!!

are you lookin forward to the new diggs? i would be . it looks nice. and huge in comparrison

anyhow-- whatchya been doin today? i've been lazy. hiding from saw noise -- stez has been workin on the floor all day. i can't like noise.

what's for dinner dove?
it's apparently taco night here. yum.

Jamie said...

Good Heavens Smocha...I don't care that we have the same blog design. There are only so many out there and it only proves that great minds think alike! Happy Monday - evening, almost anyway..for you. Ugh, Monday morning for me.


Wesley said...

Hey mom,
You need to get your webcam / skype working.
I hope you old sickies get to feeling better.
I've been battling a cold for 2 weeks. I think it's finally gone. Love ya