Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween !

I've been trying to do this post for about 4 days now. Gah! Between packing and cleaning, being sick and dizzy and my spouse downloading movies....I haven't gotten very far.

So let me see...where to begin. First of all ,my spouse returned from Copenhagen back to his "normal" self. (besides his back going out) He went to the doctor about that. If he actually goes to a doctor, you know he's in bad shape. What did the doctor do? Absolutely nothing. Welcome to national health care.
So yeah, he gets to move us now while dying of back pain. (It does wonders for his personality as well)

He did bring the camera with him to Copenhagen.

Remember this? This was the apartment before we rented it.

this too.

And now....the ugly truth. Here's what it really looks like.

Few ugly art pieces .Rugs removed.

(the mess is all my husbands own creation)

The kitchen ,now.

The entry way.

Anyone know what that white thing on the left wall is?

The second bedroom AKA the office.

The bedroom. I would consider that wardrobe to be sort of a closet.

but wait...there is something seriously WRONG here.....

um...EXCUSE me. All the room seems to have been hogged .

Where are my millions of clothes supposed to go?

And last but not least....the stunning bedroom.

(hubby slept on the couch) as you can see, they took the sheets and stuff too.

I will be bringing my own bedding .Thank you very much.

I was able to get a super king sized sheet set at TK Maxx for 30 pounds. SCORE!

There you have it. The house beautiful tour. I can't wait to see what I do with the place .

On the crappy news front.....we have been informed that we will have no

cable .......

OR internet for one to 2 weeks!

That is going to seriously cramp my world.

If you don't hear from me that will be why. I will be trying to find a library or something where I can use the internet though. Believe dat!

I found these two cute hats at the charity shop for 2 pounds each.

2 pounds!

I'm gonna be walking around Denmark looking like "that girl" ,only old.

Won't that be special?

Well ,I wish we had some exciting Halloween plans. But nooooo , our plan is more packing and cleaning and removing wall shelves. Woo hoo!!!

If you do have plans be sure to take lots of pictures .Have a safe and fun Halloween peeps!

Luv me

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Anonymous said...

Well, the new apt. still looks nice, at least from here. And - an improvement over the UK apt. Pits about the cable and internet. Will be looking fwd to first post from Denmark. G5