Thursday, August 27, 2009

not even title worthy.......

I am bored,depressed, dry,itchy and my shorts are too tight in the waist. Woe is me. LOL

Annnnnnd if that cat doesn't shut up I am going to strangle him!

I tried to get his plane ticket the other day and they told me I can not get it until Sept. 2nd. That's nice. Just make people worry all those extra days. It's 19 days until I leave. Too soon to start getting everything ready to leave. I am in limbo. I hate being in limbo!!!

Cavuto is out in the living room just screaming and screaming. I took the camera out there to record him. Instant silence. As soon as I got back in here, scream ,scream,scream. I kind of feel like screaming myself.

So, what's up with bras these days? Is it just me, or does it seem as if they are made out of some itchy fiberglass insulation or something? I swear all of them make me itch like there's no tomorrow.

Guess I'm NOT the only one.

Hours and hours later...........

Well,I'm still a bitch. I have insomnia ,and I've been nauseated for days now. I have no idea what's up with THAT. I'm the freak who gets the flu and gains 10 pounds. Get clinical depression and gain 60 pounds.Nothing makes me stop eating!And NO I'm not pregnant. lol

There has been absolutely NOTHING on tv tonight. I have spent the entire evening in the office ,fighting the nausea and messing around with my photo program. Yes, I know my life is just tooo exciting.

I prematurely got rid of my facebook and myspace last night, I think that has added to my sense of isolation today. This week has lasted forever!

It's soooo late ,I'm soooo wide awake. Gah! I wish there was some way to shield myself from my alarm cat so I could actually sleep in.


Insane sleep deprived thoughts......*cackle* cackle*

This idea still appeals to me ,I've just been to lazy to try it.

I shall put you out of your misery and shut up now. Enjoy my digital art show.

I got nuthin. :(


Jamie said...

Loved the art show. I'm sorry things are so hard for you right now, but just think, SOON -- you will be with your husband and have cavuto right there, with your other two kitties! Hang in, time is passing so fast.

Hugs. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, two things. FIRST so I wont leave you thinking nasty thoughts of me........What in the HECK were you thinking getting rid of facebook?

Ok, Im done w/that.

SECOND- The only difference beetween you and I is that I have a book to help w/the insomnia. And also, I have full blown menopause. SHUT UP! It is NOT funny!

Ok, done again,
Love ya (and Bren wherever she may be, unpacking still?)
I was thinking of hitching a ride to the UK sometime, whatcha think?

Anonymous said...

oh, almost forgot, since you quit facebook, can I have your mullet?

Anonymous said...

So why is Cavuto screaming? Is it because he wants to go on a walk? I cannot imagine why they would ask you to wait till 9/2 to buy a cat ticket for 9/13. ? My son asked me to get on Facebook. I do not know why. I have been on it and keep getting these friend requests from people I do not know. ? My daughter spends at least 3 hrs a day on Facebook. Take a long, hot bath then slather down with moisturizing lotion and try washing your bras without fabric softener. G5

BPOTW said...

Oh, dear, it doesn't sound peaceful in your house at all! But, cheer up, it will run its course in due time.

desert dirt diva said...

I can't believe G5 just told you how to soften your bras...that is too friggin funny u do not have the flu, you have really bad nerves right now thats why you can't stop eating......pull up your boot straps.. and get yourself together.....every thing will work out this'll see.. call me dang it>>>

Brad said...

ok, well now I think I know your stateside - maybe we should try a telephone call again before you go ?