Tuesday, August 11, 2009

snore......snore.......oh ..Hi....

Hey ya'll ,

Yes,I'm still alive. My "vacation" is almost over.

The thing I hate about this house is having my office in the guest room.
When it's my own kids in there, I have no qualms about barging in at 6 A.M. ,cackling at one of them spooning the other one and saying" sorry ,I have to update my blog."

But, when it's someone other than my kids I can't really do that. "Oh sorry, you're naked, don't mind me...I just need to update my blog."

The last 4 days my husbands uncle has been here visiting .

Sadly ,we did nothing too exciting. We have come to the conclusion that every restaurant in this town sucks.

They have a vast selection of "fried food" restaurants.Fried catfish,fried tomatoes,fried potatoes,fried meat, fried pickles,fried pie,fried okra and how 'bout some cholesterol with that?

There's a handful of places with semi decent food,only they come with a hefty price tag.It's fine to spend a hundred bucks on dinner once in a while but not something we want to do a few times a week. While uncle was here we all decided to take the boat over to this certain place with a pretty good atmosphere but mediocre food.

He ordered a tuna steak and I ordered grilled cod. Both of our plates arrived looking like they were bearing a slab of boiled rubber.

"um, excuse me, we can not eat this."

They took it back but not before the waitress argued with everyone at the table.

We spent the rest of the days eating at home, which if I have to cook and do dishes I'm no longer feeling that "vacation-y" vibe . Just sayin'.

We racked our brains last night trying to think of a good place to go. But nooooo. We wound up eating leftovers. I want dinner out tonight ,I don't care if it's Sonic!

All our company is gone now and the house feels pretty empty.It always does when everyone first leaves.But not quite the gaping hole it will be in a few more days, when hubby goes back to England without yours truly.

After changing my flight to August 25th,we were then informed that animals can not fly until after Sept. 15th. So yippee, Cavuto and I get to wait another month before we go.


This summer has been so unusually lame compared to our normal that I have barely taken any pictures. That is unheard of for me. I got nuthin' ,not one picture to stick up here. Sorry about that.
As if this post isn't boring enough.


I hope to get caught up on everyone's blogs soon.

Happy Tuesday Peeps!


Brad said...

Fried pie? wtf?

I feel ya on the resturants - I wanted a nice plain old sandwich for lunch yesterday but everywhere you go it's ciobatti bread or some such nonsense - what ever happen to a plain old resturnat selling plain old good food?

Creative Problem Solver said...

"Both of our plates arrived looking like they were bearing a slab of boiled rubber."


Which wonderful establishment was that?

Anonymous said...

Yes, which wonderful establishment was that? Back Porch Grill? Have you tried the new one - Odie's?I agree that this town needs a good quality restaurant with reasonable prices. Too many fried food places and then the Mexican ones - tons of carbos and fat. But delicious. Perkins is a good, middle of the road place, pretty good food if you dont mind all the old folks. G5

Sarah said...


This has nothing to do with your post - lol .... how big is the parcel. I have to go to the Post Office this week and find out about sending Wytze's jacket back to the Netherlands so I could ask about your parcel too - they'll want to know how heavy it is.

Cheers :)