Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is that a bag of garbage in your pocket?

The other day I saw the show "Hoarders" for the first time. UGH! It was like watching a train wreck. One lady was loathe to throw away the rotten food which was taking over her entire house.It was disgusting. At the same time, you can't help wondering "how does this happen to someone?"

I have an Aunt who is a food hoarder. After seeing this show I decided that this must be a progressive condition. Right now ,my Aunt is in her early 60's but if she lives to be 80 or 90 ,I can totally see her house being taken over by her stockpiles of groceries.
In her case ,I know that she grew up dirt poor so she stockpiles the food in case she ever becomes poor again.

Do you know what this is?

It's a box of opened packs of sweetner.Decades ago,when I was really po' I used to save a little in the packs and then put them back in the box. Now, 30 years later,I still put the empties back in the box. Finally the day comes (like today) when I have to dump out the box to find any remaining full packets.

Crazy much?

Does this mean I am in the infancy of a serious hoarding condition? Do people that were born rich ever become hoarders? That doesn't seem to be the case. It looks like the common factor in all the hoarders is they suffered through "the lack of something" at some point in their lives.

Do you know any hoarders?Any rich hoarders? Do YOU hoard anything?

Come on , let's hear it. I'm really curious about this now.


Finally....a decent movie!

This movie is about a guy who gets engaged and then realizes he does not have a friend suitable for a best man. He goes on a series of "man dates" trying to make a new best friend. While it's not laugh out loud funny through the whole thing ,it is constantly entertaining. All the characters are likable and it does have some crude humor,but nothing I don't hear everyday in my "all male" family.

I loved this movie! Go get it :)


Dear Firefox,

I am sick to death of you crashing every three seconds.What in the hell is the problem here? Is it just me,or do you do this to everyone?

I am about to delete your crashing ass from my computer forever!

Seriously,my nerves can not take it anymore.

Goodbye ,Your ex fan


Speaking of my shot nerves,I am now leaving to call and get Cavutos plane ticket.

Wish me luck ;o

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


Creative Problem Solver said...

I have a pretty crazy collection of board games. I guess that's about it. I think I'm more of a squanderer than a horder. ;)

desert dirt diva said...

and you wanted me to get fie fox....aol still rocks

Anonymous said...

Firefox is usually quite reliable. Maybe you have to reinstall it. ? I will confess, I am a sock hoarder. I feel insecure if I feel I don't have enuf socks. Good thing my sock drawer can only hold a certain no. of pairs - it is, therefore, self-limiting. I see no constructive purpose whatsover in saving empty sweetner packs. ? First I thought you were a cat hoarder but then again, 3 is not a huge number as long as when you are 85 you don't have 70 cats in your house. G5

Jamie said...

I absolutely HOPE that you were able to buy the ticket this time, no issues, no hassles.

Everywhere I look, someone is talking about that tv show. I am going to have to watch it now. I have a sister, my younger one, that I think has issues with hoarding. I hate the mess that hoarding would bring on..although I am funny about an empty refrigerator...left over issues from my poorest days I guess. But then, I am silly enough to fill up the fridge and then throw it out. Who has issues, you ask?

Happy Humpday friend. :)

SOUL: said...

crap i don't have time to read this now-- im on my way out-- i told jamie-- my stupid thing doesnt update it still says you haven't updated yet.
i'll be back later--
anyhow-- i need logans address -- email it to me-
happy humpday

SOUL: said...

well? your sons address would be a good thing right about now-- like before i run my errands.