Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stuff stew.....................

Well today's the big day .Hubby goes back to England without me :(

The other day we took the boat out and stayed out there until wayyy past dark. Floozie2 and Lake Farmer came out on their boat as well. I finally took my camera out.

Lake Farmer and Floozie2

This dog was playing fetch and then climbing back up the ladder into this boat. She made all of us wish that we had a dog.

Hubby sporting my snazzy lady hat.

Beautiful sunset.

"I'm too sexy for this boat"

This sadly makes me realize that summer is nearly over. I'm not sure how often I'll be taking the boat out for the rest of my time here. I 'll have tons of work to do to get ready to leave.I'm positive that Cavuto will be no help at all.

Speaking of the little rotten stinker,he has become more spoiled than EVER! He begs for his walk in the stroller day and night. Hubby has even walked him a few times ,in the cover of darkness of course. I wish I had a picture of that.

Too bad we can't take his stroller with us . I could fold it and get it on the plane but our house is so dinky over there ,there would be no where to put the humongous thing.
I'm probably going to find a regular baby stroller at the thrift store (over there) and he'll never know the difference. Won't my British neighbors think I'm the crazy American , walking my cat?

Monday is my birthday . My friend Eva's is the next day so we are planning a hen/pity party for ourselves. Yes, I know ,we're sooo exciting.


You MUST try these coconut M & M's!!!!

Buy lots of them so they keep making them.

Mamie the talking cat........

I never heard of this girl...but I LOVE this song!!!


I'm out!

Have a great day Peeps ,

Luv me


Creative Problem Solver said...

Your spoiled ass cat is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Love the hat! I'm sure it looks better on you though. You should have some post cards made of the sunset. It really is pretty! So, how old will you be? Tonya turned 45 so I think you'll be 46 ?, Carol Fielding 40 (a baby!). I'm 59, which in my younger days I thought people that age had one foot in the grave! Bo is 65 !! Oh, well, like they say 'you're as old as you feel'. aj

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! in advance. We'll just say you are 39. Do buy a stroller for Cavuto when over the pond. He will die without his walks. Also, the other cats will want to go too. Put 'em all in there and take off. Beautiful pics of the cove and yes, the sunset pic is spectacular. G5