Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sometimes life is hard.......

Ola ya'll ,

As some of you know a couple days ago one of my neighbors shot and killed herself right out in our parking lot. I was going to tell you all the details of what happened ,but I just don't think I want to.

Suffice it to say ,it was very upsetting for everyone, especially a young girl who had driven by and seen her standing there.
As she stood there in tears, she told me "I thought she had a gun in her hand ,but then I told myself Oh it's too small ,it can't be."

When she drove back by a couple seconds later the lady was on the ground,gun lying next to her.
I wish I had thought to tell her that even if she had called the police the first time she'd gone by,they would not have gotten here in time to stop her. I hope that young girl does not blame herself .

Also even if I had been sitting in my office at that moment ,she would have been too far away for me to have stopped her either.

Having been through the gunshot suicide of my last husband, I have to wonder how bad the repercussions will be for her family.I hope and pray that things go smoothly for all of them.

Rest in peace little lady.


As for other news......oh yeah, I don't have any :)

My big plans for today are to inventory my freezer and pantry ,so I can eat up what's here before I leave for England. Then a fascinating trip to the library.

When everyone first leaves it's always like depression city around here. The thought of taking the boat out today sounds like too much work .I suppose it will depend on how bored I get.

I was right in the middle of an absolutely hideous dream when Cavuto woke me up this morning.
My husband had married an additional wife,planning to be married to both of US! Naturally SHE was all skinny and gorgeous, with no flab to hide. I was just realizing that my love life was pretty much over when Cavuto woke me up. YIKES!
Thanks for getting me out of THAT nightmare.

My hair is like a rats nest of dead straw. (you know you want me)
Guess I'm off to wash it.

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


Brad said...

I hope no one is torturing themselves with the what if's - If someone is set on doing something like that, there's no stopping them. Very sad.

Go take the boat out, it will do ya good. I'm off to spend the day with Mom for her 69th B-day. Jay made the mistake of asking her how it felt to be 70!

Nocturnal Queen said...

Wow. :-(

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Glad your not giving the details. we dont need to be nosy. I recently have heard of 2 other suicides here in my town all in the last week!
Makes you really feel for them and wonder what must be sooo devastating that someone would feel that way. I have been asking God to show me people that may be close to doing that and to just say a few encouraging words when they seem down. We may never think that someone that we want to say something to like "You really have a way w/ such and such" or something similar like that really means something to them, but it CAN!
Anyhow, i hope that made sense. we should never feel intimidated by thinking we can make a difference! We DO!
may your hair feel like silk and your freezer become empty (boy, that was deep!,get it deep,freezer? No? ok, ) C-ya!


Jamie said...

Oh Smocha, I'm sorry. No wonder you feel depressed...Suicide is like the ultimate "screw you", although I really don't believe that those who feel that desperate have that in mind as a motive. I will pray for her family.

Hmmm.. two wives - ? Maybe could work, at least when the house needs cleaning and the dinner needs cooking...

Your hair is perfect and you are not flabby or fat, good heavens!

Happy sunday!