Tuesday, August 4, 2009

If it weren't for bad luck ,I'd have no luck at all....

What do you get when you take a week of thunderstorms and pouring rain, a grouchy, jet lagged husband, two bored kids(one with strep throat),$500 dollars worth of groceries ,one crazy cat and a constantly cooking and /or cleaning mom?

The frekin' vacation of a lifetime! NOT!!!!!


"I'm too depressed to even comb my hair"

"This strep throat is the bomb!"

mmmmm...expensive medicine.

"what? no wake boarding?"

I have some more pictures if my son ever sends them to me. hint, hint.

Remember THIS crap from a few weeks ago?

It's started already. My nerves are shot. I am terrified that something will go wrong again when I return to England.

Which was supposed to be Aug. 17th.
Well, naturally ,when we got my ticket back in January......we didn't think to check what day of the week that was. Turns out it is a Monday. Meaning there are no Vets open on the Sunday before to do Cavuto's (unneeded) tick and tapeworm treatment,which England requires.

After much calling around and begging, and offering to bribe someone to come in on a Sunday we finally gave up and had to change my damn
ticket. (Now I will be waiting 8 days longer to have my nervous breakdown.)

Oh and that will only cost us $300 smackers.

.....Insert stream of cuss words here......

Today.....I call to get Cavutos plane ticket. (they won't allow you to book it until it's a few weeks away from the travel date)

Ring..ring.... "Hello , I'd like to book my cats flight for August 25th,out of Dallas."

"Oh, sorry ,we do not fly ANY animals out of Dallas until September due to the heat restriction."

Well, isn't that f'n special? Why did no one bother to tell us that before we paid 300 bucks to change the ticket the first time????????

Now, we get to PAY to change my ticket AGAIN and then what if Dallas has a heatwave in September?

UGH! Pass the xanax please.


I will return soon to do a real post. If they don't take me away to the funny farm.

I miss you all!

Luv me


Golden To Silver Val said...

I can't believe how many problems you've had with this trip. All I can say is I hope to god you LOVE it over there....after all this! Make sure you have him scanned beforehand so you know the chip is still in there!!! All I can say is....'you poor thing' and if I could be there I would be giving you big hugs. This is enough to make a preacher swear. Well, hang in there...hopefully it will all be over soon. HUGZZZZZ

Nocturnal Queen said...

Aw, that stinks. I hope things go smoothly once the day of departure is here.

desert dirt diva said...

This is a sign DO not SEE that...anyways good luck.. call me when you have a chance

Anonymous said...

All these problems up front mean that the actual trip and arrival will go very smoothly. Chin up. It will be fine. I really felt for you during all the daily deluges knowing you had a houseful of visitors wanting to have some fun. But you did anyway - y'all took the boat out in marginal conditions. Just get in the water and swim. Lightning won't hit you in the water, it will hit the boat. LOL! Now they are gone and look at the weather! 94 degrees, sunny and beautiful. G5

Anonymous said...

Just sent you article that says DO NOT get in the water! Lightning will strike you!

Brad said...

Yeah, facebook sucks for keeping tabs on ya - I just don't get the full stories -

love you -


myomyohi said...

Today hubby is older than I am again :)