Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A day in my life.......with pictures

Ola peeps,

Well you just KNOW it's going to be an exciting day if you have the following conversation with yourself.

Oh..whoops, let me set the scene first. Picture it ,Boringville,England. Yesterday. It's 11:30 A.M.
My spouse has just left for his flight to Sweden.

Cavuto woke me up at 7. (He's getting brave enough to get on the bed , despite Monkey acting like the exorcist girl) So I am alternating , all morning, doing my downstairs chores, checking my email...upstairs , going back downstairs to smoke ...and becoming a nervous wreck because my spouse is running late (as usual) and is not yet packed , showered ,dressed or anywhere near READY to make his flight on time. it's 11:30 , he has just left ...miraculously....packed and dressed etc.. (despite my nervous breakdown)

also, since I woke up ..the weather has gone to hell in a handbag. It's now rainy, freezing and windy as hell.


self: "well, should we even bother to take a bath and get dressed today?"

(I realized later that I said "we" to myself)

I did in fact take a bath and get dressed . What a waste of time ,energy and clean laundry.

Then I drank several cups of coffee while going up and down the stairs ....checking my email...searching for ways for desperate old ladies to make friends with other desperate old know, the usual.

In between that, I was doing chores and smoking cigarettes under the stove vent.

Earlier ,

I had told hubby "Something is wrong with the cat box."

it was stuck upside down, where the cats couldn't even use it.

He grudgingly fixed it and then handed me a 500 pound bag of cat poo "feel this! this is why it wouldn't work, it was too heavy."

I didn't know. I thought he had emptied it the day before.


Notice the cats have very little food .

fed the cats.


remembered to start the dishes I had loaded .


did laundry.

Monday, I bought a really cute pair of jeans at the thrift store, when I took them out of the washer they looked like they would fit an 8 year old. Score! they must have been brand new! Fail, they will never fit me now unless I get the waist of an ant.

Despite the let down , I still have to go hang my laundry in the bedroom to dry :(


Hear a hideous screaming noise like a woman is being killed.

Run to see what it is.

Cavuto had dared to get near Monkey.

She went berserk.

He looked totally innocent of any wrongdoing.


Started reading this book.

Not too bad.


Noticed this place was like a freaking iceberg. Tried to figure out how to turn the heater on.

No clue. Just turned it until a green light came on.


All day I have smelled "cat poo" did not know why.

Finally discover that after hubby fixed and emptied 500 pound bag of cat crap he left it sitting right by front door.

sa-weet! Take out trash.


Hear the sounds of hell screeching though the house.

Run down the stairs and see Monkey on the couch with O'reillys jaws clamped around her neck.

Pry O'reilly off of her "you bad boy!"

try to hide her under couch pillow.

A few minutes later , Oreilly is the picture of innocence in the cat stroller.

"Who ,ME ? I would NEVER be an asshole like that."


Spot a flying insect in bathroom ,to my blind eyes it looks like a mosquito.

Automatically I yell "CAVUTO! there's a bug in here!!!!"

Shockingly, Cavuto comes rushing right in there, chomps the alleged bug right into his gullet.

Proving (once again ) he is NOT as dumb as he looks.


Look at dinner options. Not too thrilled.

Decide to eat leftover beans and rice.
Throw them in microwave.

Hear hideous screeching coming from living room.

Rush in there .....

Find both boys tormenting Monkey.


Turn on the nightly NCIS's all that's ever on.

Return to kitchen to finish making dinner.


Notice my nails are all jaggedy .....go search through O'reillys toy box for the only emery board in the house.

errr..what's left of it .


Notice both boys in cat stroller looking Innocent of any wrong doing.


Return to couch with dinner. Move Monkey.
Dine to NCIS.


Do dishes ,clean up kitchen.

Hope to God it's bedtime.

All this excitement is killing me.

There you have it ....... a day in the life of an expat.

Don't be too jealous :)

Have a great day peeps!


Jamie said...

OMG! Laughing outloud here, especially the pic of the emery board...LOLOL

Hope this day is better for you.

still laughing. :)


Wesley said...

"Score! they must have been brand new! Fail, they will never fit me now unless I get the waist of an ant."

Bahahaha! Great quote.
I've been having equally fun days ever since the Halloween party. Yesterday was the first day that I actually pulled my car out of the garage!

lisa said...

Maybe monkey needs some meds to calm down? Do they do that in the UK, around here they do. My BF's cat has to take asthma pills.

Anonymous said...

Gahhh!! What an exciting day you had. Just reading it I could hardly sit still in my chair. Monkey needs a cat psychiatrist. G5

SOUL: said...

i can't believe that you are learning-- and using 'military time' !
i'm so proud :))

and what a great post -- i laughed all the way through it. so what if it was at your expense? i was entertained.

now i must get offa me arse and dressed to take the child to school.

perhaps i'll find a yardsale on the way home?

hmmm... lotta good it will do with my 3.33 in change in my car --- no i didn't count it-- but it sounds good

luv me

Mary said...

Interesting day to say the least. I did chuckle but know you must be ready to climb the wall. Maybe if you find another place to live that has better transportation you can explore more.

I really look forward to the pics you post after your outings.

Cairo Typ0 said...

This is such an authentic expat day! LOL I think people would be disappointed to learn there are more of these boring every days than there are exotic trips and fabulous lives. (So says the girl sitting in her hockey jersey eating take away salad whilst playing wii.) LOL

Sandy said...

The photos and commentary must have taken up most of your day! Minus the cats, looks a lot like one of my days. Cheers!

~Rachée said...

In answer to your question, NO!
Dropping by via BPOTW. Such a cute post! I love cats, especially those belonging to other people!

BPOTW said...

What a day! I'm surprised you have enough energy to blog about it!!

SOUL: said...

hey-- email me a pic of your litter bot cord!
no- i haven't lost my gourd -- only my litter box cord :))
love me