Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Ya'll!

What's our big plan?

That's, zilch, nada. :)

What's your plan?

All dressed up for various reasons:


I just tried a cornish pasty. It was a cheapie "heat and eat" one from the grocery store.

It was actually pretty good.

Cornish dialect ode to a pasty

I dearly luv a pasty,
A 'ot 'n' leaky wun,
Weth taties, mayt 'n' turmit,
Purs'ly 'n' honyun,
Un crus be made with su't,
'N' shaped like 'alf a moon,
Weth crinkly hedges, freshly baked,
E always gone too soon!

:) Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!

I better get off my laze and get dressed, it's only noon.


SOUL: said...

hmmmm, kaaaaay.
whatever you say.
that thing does look kinda good tho.

anyways-- hope you have fun tonite-- with lotsa trick-or-treaters-

i don't expect any- or at least many-

maybe we'll go see a movie.

who knows

luv me

SOUL: said...

mammas little baby loves shortnin , shortnin....
sing it!
(our version, of course)

that just came to mind-- not sure why, must be the ole senility. i heard recently that altzheimers people 'live in the past'.
that worries me.

luv u
luv me

Anonymous said...

A first grade teacher lives a couple houses down. so, years ago I started not turning my porch light on. Rocky would have fits everytime someone came so it wasn't worth it for a bunch of strange kids. I'm the 'scrooge' of Halloween. aj

Jamie said...

LOVE the video!

Hope you are well.

The picture of Monkey dressed up as the pumpkin cracked me up.


Leann said...

Hope you enjoyed your zip, zilch, nada Halloween evening :-)