Monday, October 5, 2009

Please ,put a bag over my head won't you....

yes, I am a bitter hag right now.

That little dark spot up there is Monkey. She stayed there from 5 a.m. allllll day long because she's so afraid of Cavuto .

Still life called "sick and depressed"

sorry, but no!

How could anyone NOT be depressed looking at this view?
Can't I have a dining room table and chairs?

"I'm bored"

Does anyone really look like this when they're sick?

I think NOT!

UGH! I am terminally hideous.

Sweats rolled up with black socks because I've been too ill to do laundry? Check.
Hair gone to pot worse than dead straw? check.
Pasty ,blotchy skin with no strength to apply makeup? check

THIS is what sick and depressed REALLY looks like.

 top it off I cut my own bangs and they look about like this now. Isn't that special.

Bond.....James Bond

It's been pouring rain for 2 days. I am STILL sick . may I just scream???

I (obviously) have nothing to blog about :)

Have a great day ya'll !

luv me


Anonymous said...

If you don't get better soon, you need to go to the doctor! Boy, you look pitiful!! poor Monkey! rain here, too! aj

Creative Problem Solver said...

Call me when you get bored.

starsimplified said...

Ah,poor baby! Things have GOT to get better soon! Meanwhile, sending a big bunch of hugs your way! Take care.

Anonymous said...

Monkey afraid of Cavuto?? Whatever did Cavuto do to Monkey? Maybe Monkey is paranoid. If you want a dining table and chairs, just go buy them. Y'all can easily afford it. Tell hub I said it was OK. And buy whatever else you need there - it will help you to feel better. Do take yo sef to the doctor - you have been sick too long. You have something. You need some meds. G5

Jamie said...

I am sorry you still feel like ass...and personally, I think you look BETTER than the pasty faced dark headed girl.

GET BETTER and maybe see a doc?


Mary said...

I agree - buy what you need. Better yet, buy what you want. First, though, make arrangements to see a doctor.

I was glad to read that you and hubby are looking for a bigger place. That should make things easier for you all.

Hang in there, Kid. Things will get better with time.

SOUL: said...

you really should see a dr.
nobody 'wants' to. but dang girl, you been sick since you got there. get MEDS.

love james bond. :))

luv me

desert dirt diva said...

i just went back to see comments and my last one did not post.....ugh i just have to comment on that first picture....really you must crop THAT light fixture out......