Friday, October 9, 2009


Ok, it's official....I'm starting a support group for "people like me" It's called "S.O.W.'s

spouses of workaholics .....and also "friends of the friendless " comes to mind . Like on I love Lucy.

let me know if you want to join. :)

Since I got nuthin' ,as's a reallly big meme I stole from Big cute beach girl.

she's pretty funny . check out her blog. (after you read mine, of course) lol

1. If you could uninvent one thing in the world so that it would no longer exist, what would you choose? High heels

2. Do you find it easy to ask for help? Usually.

3. If you lived a hundred years ago, what job would you have had? Hopefully housewife to a rich cattle baron.

4. What are some of the most persistent and challenging obstacles in your everyday life? Not having a dryer , being unable to drive and this damn cold.

5. If you met your clone, someone with your exact personality traits, likes and dislikes, etc. Would you want to be friends with him/her? Heck yes!

6. What is your biggest challenge in life right now? Being far ,far away from my kids and my friends.

7. If you had to be famous for something, what would you choose? I’d be that woman who won a huge lottery ,even though she never plays.

8. What surprises you most about your life so far? Everything has surprised me so much that nothing surprises me any more. Anything really is possible.

9. How would people who knew you in high school describe you? That short girl with the big hair and the big boobs?

10. What’s your favorite meal of the day, and why? Whichever one is served to me in a restaurant. Because I didn’t have to cook it or clean up after it.

11. What is the one thing you would really regret not doing at some point in your life? I would really regret never having any grandkids

12. If you had to, how would you describe yourself in a personal ad? Semi old, semi good looking, dirt poor, yet fun woman seeks Mr. Right (this is assuming I wouldn’t HAVE to unless something happened to current husband)

13. What is the one thing that you “know for sure”? Nothing is free and nothing is fair.

14. When is the last time you got lost and what happened? I don’t usually get lost. I have a pretty good sense of direction, but if I ever do, I try to enjoy the ride and see the sights as I find my way back.

15. Have you planned your funeral and/or written your will? No. I used to always have a hand written will when my kids were younger but now I got nuthin’ Oh! I did separate all the kids’ childhood stuff into their own boxes. That counts for something, right?

16. Do you carry an umbrella when rain is forecast or do you just risk it? I usually have one close by.

17. How bad is traffic in your town? It seems to be horrible in ALL my towns.

18. What is your most despised household chore? Right now, it would have to be the dreaded laundry.

19. Pick out the most important item in your wallet/purse and tell why it’s important to you. My ATM card baby! I think that needs no explanation

20. What was your first car? A 1965 Oldsmobile, it was teal green and in perfect condition, had electric seats, electric windows. And 5 brand new Goodyear tires. I got it for a whopping 250 bucks.

21. When listening to music, do you tend to focus more on the lyrics or the melody? Depends on the song. But I kind of do have a weird phobia about music I don’t “know”

22. If you had to pick a theme song to sum up your life right now, what would it be? Wanted by Jessee James

23. What celebrity crushes did you have when you were growing up? Ugh..why was everyone so nerdy back then? Donny Osmond, David Cassidy, Davey Jones,

24. What cartoon character best describes you? The sea hag . LOL

25. Complete this statement: “I recommend…..” that someone who loves me sends me some David’s sunflower seeds

26. How do you learn best? With flashcards and memory. Then as soon as I ace the test I soon forget everything I learned.

27. Is one of your senses more highly developed than another? I guess it would have to be taste. Cuz’ I can’t see, & I can barely hear or smell.

28. What says summer to you? Warm weather, the lake and the boat!

29. What’s your favorite food item in your refrigerator right now? Cheese

30. What one item in your kitchen best describes your personality? That weird oven, that no one understands how to operate.

31. What is the best thing about the city in which you currently live? So far, the store is close enough to walk to.

32. What do you love most about yourself? I guess my hair. And my niceness

33. Is it easier for you to forgive or forget? Forgive. I NEVER forget.

34. Do you believe people can change? Not totally. Usually what you see is what you get.

35. Have you ever attended a high school or college reunion? Not my own. I have been to hubby’s and I can sum it up in a few words “boring geriatric fest”

36. Do you keep in regular contact with anyone from high school and/or college? No, but I am still friends with my GF Kim, we go back to Jr. high. And Audrey, I’ve known since she was 5.

37. What new course would you like to see added to the nation’s school curriculum? Common sense

38. Where is your favorite place to sit when at home? It would be the dining room table..if I had one. Ha ha ha . Our leather couch is cold and uncomfortable. Oh how ‘bout the kitchen counter. I sit there a lot.

39. If you could spend a year in perfect happiness but afterward remember nothing of the experience, would you do it? Sure , why not. I’ve spent a year doing worse things.

40. If your house was burning and you only had time to rescue three non living things, what would they be? How about that, I just realized there’s no non living thing in here that I care about. My purse, my computer and a coat

41. What or who encourages the child in you to come out and play? My fun girlfriends and my fun kids.

42. What flavor of ice cream best describes your personality? Iced mocha

43. Which of the seven dwarf’s best personifies you? Dopey

44. If you had to describe your disposition with meteorological terms, what would a typical forecast be like? Sunny all morning, grey and dreary by afternoon,.


45. What breakfast cereal best describes your personality? Fruity pebbles

.46. What do you think is the biggest waste of time? Relaxing and doing nothing. I don’t see how anyone can stand it.

47. Complete this statement: “If I knew then what I know now, I….” I’d have thought I was prettier and had more fun when I was young.

49. Do you generally take the high road or the low road?
If this is what the question means… then I usually take the high road

"take the high road" means to do the right thing. Don't sink to low behavior even if your enemies do.

50. If you had to name the worst song to wake up to in the morning, what would it be? Anything by the Beatles.

happy Saturday peeps!


desert dirt diva said...

you really must get to the dr. and call me you have pnemonia.......and this would be the perfect time to quit smokin!

Creative Problem Solver said...

"37. What new course would you like to see added to the nation’s school curriculum? Common sense"

You just gave me an idea for a tv show! haha

Jamie said...

Loved it ---- but I am stunned to hear about the beatles.... :)

Have a very happy Sunday, and seriously...I hope you are feeling better by now.


SOUL: said...

remember our just for fun personal ads we made in palmdale-- eeeeeeons ago?
those were funny.
wonder what kind of freaks woulda answered those :))