Monday, October 5, 2009

Isn't that just lovely.......

"We have got to go somewhere today, even if it's just for a drive."

"How about if we go see how hard it is to get in and out of Gosport?"

"Sounds lovely!"

So yesterday we took a drive to Gosport. You can drive there or take a ferry from Portsmouth.
As you can see it was very gray out.It makes for lousy picture taking, let me tell you.

Gosport also goes down as a NO ,for places to live .Too trafficy to get in and out of there.
So the search continues.

It was great to get out of this house . I feel like I've been in prison for over a week.

When we got home Cavuto kept getting in his stroller, screaming ,screaming and screaming. He was begging for a walk.

I finally took him out so he would shut up.
(it has been days, the poor little thing)

An old lady rushed up to us and told me Cavuto was lovely. It was lovely that he was out in a stroller. She thought cats were lovely ,in fact her house was decorated in cats and she only gives to the animal charities because they're lovely.

All in all , my chat with her was just lovely :)

I have a hard time understanding people when they talk. I must seem like a real moron to them.

Well hubby is off today for Sweden and who knows where else, I can't keep track. I do feel a bit better FINALLY and I plan to get the heck out of here and go do something thrilling, like go to the library. (ha ha ) yes, even that sounds pretty thrilling about now.

Have a great Monday peeps!


Jamie said...

Lovely post.

Happy Monday and happy to hear that you feel better.



Golden To Silver Val said...

So glad you're feeling better. I was getting a bit worried about you. Seems like every time someone gets on a plane, they end up SICK. What's THAT tell ya. They need to do something about their filtration system me thinks! What a spoiled kitty! He was probably happy as hell to have you all to himself again. Looks like the stroller is a success...he sure knows what its for!!! LOLOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

Lovely that you were able to get 0ut
Saturday a neighbor , who has a big yellow thing, dug up the 30 yr old crepe myrtles planted down the old property line. They were fine when it WAS the property line but after we bought the other acre I hated them. rain....rain....rain. Had kids friday evening thru sunday. I'm not over it yet! aj

Anonymous said... a beautiful quaint town! Cute little girl. You'd like Rachel. She's 5 and is a little lady, loves tea parties --- I have 4 tea sets! aj

SOUL: said...

i was waiting for you to say that going to the library would be 'lovely' ! :))

do you remember when you were younger and you dreamed of writing and illustrating childrens books?
well, i think now is the perfect time for you to jump on that idea!!!
cavuto should star in a series of kids books about your 'lovely' CATS!!!

somethin to think about-- no?

luv me

Anonymous said...

Nice pics! I mean loverly pics. I love those old buildings and churches and quaint houses. I will have to look at a map of England to see wherna hell you are. That masthead shot of Portsmouth harbor is gorgeous - is the water really that blue? When you get to feeling better, Cavuto needs to be walked everyday - he really likes it. G5
PS I had a hard time with the Brit accent when we were over there. Nosey would translate for me. I have a hard time with languages period. I was born in this country and it took me a couple years to learn the language.

Meg said...

The part about understanding people when they talk made me giggle. I make my husband call the utility companies and such because I feel I don't speak the same language. Hehe.

Hope you're feeling better soon! xx