Sunday, October 4, 2009

Q and A's

Your burning delayed answers. (sorry, I'm a terrible commenter to ya'lls comments)

(ignore that "blogger" stuff. IDK)

How far is the walk to the grocery store?

It’s hard to tell since the whole way is on those little walking trails. It takes about 15 minutes. Maybe 12.


Your booze rack is nice!

I don’t really think it is a booze rack. All the beverages here come in small (maybe quart) sized containers. Cokes, milk everything. I have not even seen a gallon of milk.

So which one is the Alpha Cat. It is prolly O'Reilly, the King of the Pride.

It is O’reilly. Even though Monkey is older. She has never been the alpha cat. It used to be our dearly departed Stew. When he was gone O’Reilly just took over the role.


who keeps taters in the fridge?

I do! At home we have a dinky, lousy excuse for a pantry and every time I put a bag of potatoes in there, one would rot and it was disgusting. I finally tired putting them in the fridge. They last forever in there and if one rots it doesn’t get all smelly and gross. If ya think about it ,I guess that’s why they used to keep them in root cellars. Nice and cold.

,you guys don't drink milk?

No, neither one of us ever drinks milk. Usually if I buy it for cereal it always gets rotten before it gets used. I gave up.

Have you met neighbours yet

Nope, not a soul. I have seen the ones right next door to us. They are a young couple in their 20’s .


How are you preparing this delicious cod?

The delicious cod comes frozen and pre-dusted. It’s called “lightly dusted cod” I blacken mine with cayenne pepper, black pepper and garlic salt. MMMMMM

No dryers because where the hec would you put it? On top of the dishwasher? –

I wouldn’t care if they put it over the toilet! I would just like to have one.I do not like stiff clothes.


when are you getting your leggings? ha ha

I had some, I left them in Arkansas. I didn’t know they would be the IN thing!

British people often say that they dress better than Americans. I have to say that they appear to be just as bad. Lol

I would have to agree. of course that doesn’t go for the business people. My husband wears a suit to work every day and I’m sure the other men do as well. God only knows what the women look like. I’m sure London is dressier than where we are. This is a pretty blue collar area.

so. i was enjoying your slideshow, when it came to the "tongue bar". WTF???? do tell.

I have no idea what “tongue bar “you speak of. WTF? Indeed.


Yeah, being pooped on by a bird is good luck.....when it happens to someone else!

Truer words were never spoken!

The news paper looks real! How did you do that?

sweetie - I keep looking for you online but haven't worked out the time diff to tell when you should be around. What is it ? 9 hours ahead of west coast time?

It’s 6 hours later here than Arkansas, so it would be 8 hours later than west coast time.

well-- do you know your phone number yet?
What kinda phone didya get?

Believe it or not, no I do not know my phone number yet.

My phone is a Samsung m3000 or something. It slides open and has a camera and an mp3 player ….none of which I know how to use yet.

Can't believe that midget broom. Who would buy such a thing?

Can you believe I have yet to see a real broom in any store. WTH?

I know whatever you may do is your own business, but did you say smoking area in the kitchen?

Yes, I did say that. If you know me ,it should come as no surprise that I sadly fell off the “no smoking” wagon. Yes, I do disgust myself if it makes you feel any better.


Is this a different part of England since you went last year?

No, this is the same part of England. Same apartment too.

Do all the young Brit women dress like a 2 dollar prostitute?

Apparently so.

ok - Soul's cat REALLY need to go on a diet! – wow

I’m sayin’! I am dying to know what her vet had to say about that little obese cat. Soul??


That's all folks! I got nuthin' . Stayed in bed most of yesterday. I must have some kind of flu because colds don't last 2 f'n weeks.Gah!

happy Sunday peeps!


SOUL: said...

first of ALL-- i think you need to be checked for swine flu!!! asap! ugh. that is nuthin to play with.

2nd-- the 'tongue bar' pic was only 2nd or 3rd in the slide show-- you must investigate!

3rd... i spose i need to try out the taters in the fridge thing. sounds like the thing to do. hmmm.
(how bout onions?)

4th--- why aren't you commenting on my blog? your brat-- i mean cavuto-- starred in my photo challenge-- and of course-- everyone had somethin to say-

and --- 5th -- BRADLY-- don't be hatin. come see me. :))

luv me
--and get to a dr.

Brad said...

Well since you didn't whine about being sick I'm thinkin you must feel better. Good.

I like the foot paths - I wish we had more of them here.

And isn't vodka just fermenting potatoes? Put them back in the pantry with a pan under it.

Soul honey, I ain't hating - But that puss needs a personal trainer!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answers to the burning questions. Now I can get some sleep. You need to take yosef to the dr. Two weeks is too long. Sounds like you have a low grade infection going on and you need a good antibiotic. Betcha if one of your babies (cats)was sick you would take it to the vet after the 2nd day. Go and treat yourself likewise. I think all those quart size containers of stuff are one liter containers. Everything is a liter over there, even gasoline. G5

SOUL: said...

just a tid bit of info fo ya-- ok two tid bits--

1-- the vet didn't say a thing about my humongoid gato. but she did weigh in at 15.8 POUNDS eegads!

and 2-- i put the link up for the photo challenge -- finally-- go sheck it out. the next one will be perfectO for YOU.

luv me