Monday, October 26, 2009

When are you due? bwa ha ha

Ola ya'll,

I am sitting here eating some rather repulsive, leftover spaghetti .I thought I would freshen it up with this jarred curry sauce that I bought.Well, nope. Didn't freshen it up, it made it too tomatoey and also tastes NOTHING like curry. bleah

My spouse left today for Helsinki. I have done hardly anything all day long. I know, shocking.
He didn't leave until noon. You know I can't clean "around " someone, nor can I clean without my cleaning music blaring. So, entire day...wasted.

I didn't feel too great either. Remember my "Alli" problem? Well, I ordered that stuff online 2 weeks ago. It still hasn't come. I remember it like it was yesterday, it was a Tuesday.

2 damn weeks ago!!I had my spouse check our credit card statement , YEP ,they charged us 40 pounds for it.

For the love of God people, where are my POO pills???

I can't stand the sight of my bloated self in the mirror.

Yesterday, I took the bus to Fareham. YES! It was babyboy's day off. Imagine my relief when I saw a grizzled old man driving the bus.

It was nice and warm out when I left the house. By 2:00 ,it was freezing ,sunless and windy. I was just about to go catch a bus home and then have to freeze to death,walking all the way home when hubby called from work and said "I need you to sign the taxes, want me to come pick you up?"

(Thank you God!) Yes!

He came and got me then had to go back to work. i read some books about victorian living conditions and woman during world war 2 ,and I waited and waited and waited. Hubby finally got home about 7 p.m.
(I still had to cook dinner ) gah!
Being poor sucks. We used to be able to order some chinese food.

Anyhow, while I was waiting , Booger (O'Reilly) demanded to play fetch . So here's daddy's rotten boy ,playing fetch.
(As you watch the first one, note the splendor of our lovely British home) NOT! LOLOLOOL

There's 2 more videos after this. Some of you have seen them. If so, I apologize. Believe it or not, I actually have some new readers :)

They haven't seen 'em.

Hope you guys had a great day!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

O'Reilly playing fetch! Cute, cute! Actually I sent that vid to Dave Letterman at CBS. He said to tell you that 2 RT business class tickets are in the mail to you for you to bring the cat to NYC. He wants to put you and O'Reilly on the Stupid Pet Tricks on his show. Please let us know when you will be on. We want to watch it. G5

SOUL: said...

that's cool.
sushi has gone quite completely insane since the spay. and not in a good way-- she forces me to take xanax!
ugh. she is similar to a colicky baby. no kiddin. she thinks she is some kind of junk yard dog or something. it's killin me. in fact - i have her locked in her crate right now -- instead of being her sweet calm baby self, all cuddled asleep in my lap -- like before??? she barks, and yaps -- and attacks the window in the office-- at EVERYTHING ! especially the 2 - that are left- stray cats. ugh. i hate it.
perhaps i should give HER xanax?

anyhow-- is that 'my' cd i hear? do you like it?
i still haven't burned me a new copy.

did you listen to the new 'train' song - 'hey soul sister' on my blog yet?
the cd is out now-- i'm buyin it today-- if i can stop bein distracted -- ok -- blog cruisin -- and finish my bills. :))
but i must post real quick first.
i think i have ADD. i can't focus on a thing anymore.

happy humpday-
luv me.

Brad said...

You failed to call me last night...

New readers? who are these smart and oh so pretty people? where? where?

Watching "daddies rotten boy" body check the corner of the wall is the highlight of my day. The one healthy tech I actually have (had) out on the road today dropped his tranny on HWY 99.

I'd like to return this week, it's clearly defective.

Brad said...

REO Speedwagon rocks - remind me to tell you the story...

desert dirt diva said...

those videos must of been cool....wish i could of watched them.. next time i go to my sisters..she lets me check my blog and see all the videos.. thanks karen...

Anonymous said...

Neat playing fletch! I noticed a coffee table ... do like the chinese, sit on the floor and eat off it! aj

Cairo Typ0 said...

Hi, i'm visiting from BPOTW! :)

Playing fetch was too cute!! :)

bettyl said...

I knew a lady once who was really full of crap, too, but she didn't look pregnant, just in weird pain until she was diagnosed!

Anonymous said...

you'd chance getting back in the car with your husband over freezing to death? you a better woman than me, that's why I never let Kenny drive me.....ever.