Monday, October 26, 2009

Through my dirty windows......

Ola Peeps,

Well yesterday we took a drive to a town called Hayling Island. It was a cute area but not too easy to get in and out of for an every day commute.

So far , we haven't found any town that would be any better than the one we're in. ack!

We did not stop and get out anywhere so presenting the hideous pictures I took from inside the moving car.

Downtown hayling Island.

Oh, I mean city centre.

Half of that house on the left is "for let"
probably pretty pricey too.

The Terror:

This is where the saying "hedged in" must have come from.

Homes on the seafront in Hayling Island.

Vegitation tunnel.

The seafront over in the distance.

Thatched roof. These are a common sight over here. Close up, it seems pretty incredible .So I looked it I could quit asking myself "How do they do that?"

British trailer park. park.

British cat, hanging around loose .

That's is all :)

I'm waiting for my husband to get the heck out of here and go to work, allready, so I can do my chores.

Then ,it's off to Fareham for my big trip to town . Woo hoo!

I hope it's babyboys day off from driving the freakin' bus.

Happy Monday ya'll!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm gonna need you to go back, get out of the car, and get me a decent photo of the beach. Thank you so much.

SOUL: said...

you're near a beach?
do go get pix! i wanna see-

cool pix-- again.
i feel like i'm back in history class-- umm i mean geography.
nevermind. failed em both-- consistently, anyhow.

happy monday

Brad said...

I'm in a piss poor mood. A freind has passed away and it looks like I just inherited a 90 lbs yellow lab with hip displacia. %$#@&^