Friday, October 9, 2009

My laundry!

Ola ya'll,

Well My hubby got home yesterday, from Sweden about noon so I had this brilliant plan to go to the doctor , wouldn't ya know it they're closed on Thursday. Gah!

I did however take a little quiz on their website and apparently I do not have the swine flu. They diagnose it remotely , through this quiz and if they think you have it, they will allow someone else to come pick up the medicine. Ok, whatever ...I'll just keep taking my LEMSIP and Nyquil.
Surely it's got to go away eventually.

Neeless to say, I have barely been out of the house. I think I took the bus to Fareham Wednesday. Here are my first British thrift store finds.

Black mirror to go with my ugly black candleabras.

A score for 3 pound 50 pence.
(whatever that means)

and.... a monkey bowl for 2 pound 80.

The money situation is very confusing to me. Maybe I should get some of those little kid workbooks and learn the metric system and the money from scratch.

My kids are gearing up for their annual halloween bash. One in Florida and one in Chicago. I can't wait to see the pictures. (living vicariously thru the young) :)

My oldest also bought himself a ticket to Chicago for Christmas. this will be the second Christmas without us. :(

I'm glad they will all be together though.

(all my hooligans last Christmas)

Pajama Kareoke??

Love you guys!!!


I was going to go take a bus somewhere I haven't been today and then have hubby pick me up after work, but then I remembered they are delivering my groceries at 3:00 today. So nope , can't do that. I'm waiting for my 3 hour frekin' wash cycle to finish so I can hang up the laundry :)
Oh how I love hanging laundry inside the house. Makes me feel like I'm living in the projects.

I am behind on all my email So please know that I'm not ignoring you.....just sick and unorganized :) hopefully I'll get caught up this weekend while my hubby is laying around watching hideously boring news and old movies.

We just found out we have to pay a bunch of money for taxes. Ack! I am NEVER going to get a dining room table and chairs :(

I think I no longer hear the to do the next load.

happy Friday peeps!


SOUL: said...

a quiz? to test for swine flu? i'm sorry but that would not ease my mind in the least. what's stoppin you from goin to the doc today? they closed on friday too? get thy ass to the dr.

know how they tested me for it? they crammed a twelve foot Q-tip up my nostril. they choose the snotty-est one.. then stick one a those -- throat culture 'swabs' up there, and dig around til ya sneeze. :)) sounds fun, no?
it's delightful. i will admit-- i did prefer that over the throat culture though. i really hate those. (GAG)

so anyhow. i really like the monkey dish you found. people must really be into monkeys these days-- i almost never see those kinds of monkeys here-- or if i do, they ask a small fortune for them... soooo, that's why i don't have any. well, many.

anyhow-- don't fret about the table-- just keep watchin, the perfect deal for you will come along when you least expect it-

get thee to the medicine man... immediately- if not soonah-
luv me

Creative Problem Solver said...

Damn, you've been sick forever. I agree with your sis... time for a doc.

*yawn* I'm sleep deprived :(
thanks insomnia!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I agree...get to doctor! Good purchase! aj

Nocturnal Queen said...

I hope you feel better soon.