Sunday, October 25, 2009

oh the joy......

Ola ya'll ,

I got nuthin' . Seriously....nuthin'.

I'm going to start searching for the award we deserve.The most boring couple ever. I know it's out there somewhere.

If you think you're more boring than us, please let me know.

We're about to go take a drive to some place we haven't seen. Maybe I'll be back with something to report.

I'm considering taking up alcoholiism and porn*.
It's on tv for free here. Isn't that special? Ugh NOT!

Happy Sunday peeps!


SOUL: said...

ola yo--
or somethin like that==
picture it--
1980-sumthin... Horshack of the 'sweat hawgs' sittin at his desk, hand waving high in the sky-- saying whatever it was he would say when he just knew he had 'the answer'.

now put 'me' in the same scenario--- memememememe.. or well, us us us us us
we're the most boring couple !!!! so if you do happen to find said award-- do pass it on eh? :))

anyhow-- they have frickin porn- here for free too--on demand-- it oughtta be at least made to be 'requested don't cha think? instead , they leave it up to you to even figure out that you have it-- big surprise, when i did find out-- so far i don't 'think' anyone has watched it. at least i know i haven't. ugh. i could-- if i had the technological mind that i do not have-- i could -- go around to each of our THREE cable boxes and put a lock code on each channel i don't want my 'children ' :)) watching. ugh. i don't have it in me. i can't remember what i know -- much less learn anything new. i spose i have to live on a basis of trust. yep-- big word in my vocab. so far -- so good. at least i think so.

well, anyhow-- don't forget your camera-- have fun-- and don't forget to call me-- that's what i came here for was to tell you i was up---- but looks like you may be gone. so--
have a great day!
love you

SOUL: said...

ps-- your sidebar lies-- i just updated-- sorta-- but not really-- but it wasn't 1 day ago..whatever ya call it

Meg said...

I'd like to challenge you on the most boring couple thing. I haven't left my place since last Thursday...and even then it was only to go to an appointment. So that doesn't really count.

Jamie said...

I hope you find exciting! :)

Smocha said...

Ok, really guys, if you have a boring husband story to tell....let me have it! I'll do a post about it AND give the most boring couple a prize!

Start it with "My husband is so boring that...."

and then just with it!

I actually tried to google funny "my husband is so boring " stories ,this morning....but most of it was ...leading into the bad zone. Not the funny zone. Gah!

So, let's have 'em! The real deal! Hit me with yer best shot!

Luv me
(and pity me, mine is down there ,watching star trek,as we speak)

I can barely keep my bored eyes open.

myomyohi said...

We're poor and boring. Does that count?

Anonymous said...

OK, we will throw down the challenge of being the most boring couple. Somedays the most exciting thing I do is read the newspaper and the most exciting thing Nosey does is work Soduku puzzles - then we both watch the O'Reilly Factor and holler cheers for Newt Gingrich. Please do take your camera when you take your day trips and send us wannabe's some more pics. We wannabe in Great Britain like you are. G5

Anonymous said...

porn? really? cause I would totally do that to if I were skinny. I'm telling ya, the Lord will keep me a fat girl for my whole life cause he knows that I would do something naked to make money if I were skinny....

Nocturnal Queen said...

Going somewhere you've never been sounds adventurous and spontaneous, not boring. Or maybe I'm boring too and that's why it seems adventurous to me, and not boring. Hmm.