Sunday, October 11, 2009

In the stinky cage......

Ola ya'll ,

Well, let me see....what's new? I think I am finally getting over my mystery flu. Thank God!

Saturday my spouse dropped me off in Southampton. It was a really happening shopping district .I actually needed a whole day there, not just a few hours. If I had had more time I could have seen the huge mall and the waterfront. We saw huge cruise ships docked down there on the way into town. They had the street markets set up and there were thousands of people walking around ,shopping.

I had been dropped off right by a huge Debbinhams store.A snazzy department store ,they also had them in Sweden. (and this is where I would be picked up ) So while I was waiting for hubby I went in there and looked around ,man would I like to have about a million bucks to spend in there. It was soo expensive I couldn't even buy a pair of socks in that place.

I would have started with a nice pair of boots......

like these. Oh shut up, I have to walk everywhere, remember?

These are only 175 pounds. (ha! )

(that is about 280.00 Us dollars)

I would have thrown in this nice little dining room table and chairs.

I won't even try to do the math on that one.

I won't be getting either one of those things.


Speaking of crappy,if you walked into our house back in Arkansas you would never say " jeez, what do you have ,a whole herd of cats up in here?" You could not tell by the smell that we had any cats.

Here, in this cracker box, ugh, it's a different story. I can smell the poo, I can even smell their cat food. Sometimes it reminds me of the ferret cages at Petco. I feel like I'm IN the ferret cages at Petco!

I need a nose plug.

Good thing we don't have any friends coming over. EVER. ha ha .


Oh where was I?

Yesterday we went to two furniture stores to look at dining room tables . Right next door they had a "boot sale" which means a yard sale. But this was a huge warehouse full of several yardsales . Not one thing had a price on it. So I bought nothing.

The oak furniture DID have we left empty handed there as well.

Today my spouse is off to Sweden again. My big plan is to go into Fareham .woo hoo.

Ok, I'll shut up now. here is the slideshow of Southampton.

Have a great Monday peeps!


Anonymous said...

If you do buy dining furniture now (and had it delivered), when you move you'd have to somehow move it again. still rain rain rain here. Forcasted the next week even! aj

SOUL: said...

she's right-- wait til you move-- if you're gonna-- before buyin anything big. i know you miss havin a table and chairs tho. buy a bar stool to hang out at in the kitchen :)) (under your fan)

you have good taste-- i like those boots too-- also-- too cheap to pay that much.
same with the table-- niiiice, but as you saw-- mine is a POS.
can we say miser? :))
it's an irrational fear- you know. we both have it.

anyhow--- i love your pix--- i think it would be so great if you could get your kids out there-- what an experience it would be for them.

i wanna get mine out there -- someday.

happy monday
love me

SOUL: said...

ps-- you aren't in america yo-- take that down :((

Brad said...

Not a big fan of the table pictured - if asked (and I wasn't) I'd say it looked like a picnic table with chairs wearing long johns.

NOT! saying you don't have good taste! - just not my cup of tea - (I know your getting indoctrinated in brit speak so I try and help)

So did you buy

CLEARLY you need me to come show you how to shop, all proper like. I'll ask Jay if I can come over.

Conehead's Crapfest said...

you are taking alot of pictures of peoples behinds...can you get the frontal view too??? conehead

Jamie said...

Is there a local craigslist there? Often, you can find great furniture, cheap!

Happy to hear you are feeling better. Hugs. :)

desert dirt diva said...

can't see the damn slide show dial up you no....but I just love those boots..and would go there everyweek for the sale or check on-line .hmmm and if you find them on line cheap let me no!

Anonymous said...

Somewhere, perhaps a lot of somewheres over there, whether at a boot sale or not, there are dining tables and chairs at reasonable prices. Just find out where the natives go and go there. Nice boots but mucho dinero - too mucho! G5

SOUL: said...

what happened to you? ya fall in the loo?
update hawg!
love me

Anonymous said...

that's right! update, hawg! aj