Friday, October 2, 2009

Laura Ingalls needs some nyquil...

Hi ya'll,

Yes ,I'm still frekin sick and I'm damn sick of it!

I feel like the entire week has been wasted.

O'Reilly the acrobat.......

or bad boy ,one of the two.

The only thing I accomplished all week, my laundry. Laura Ingalls would be so proud.

This is how we dry our sheets here in the olden days.

Even though I was sick as a dog ,I still had to walk to the store whenever I needed anything. Hubby was gone to Finland and Denmark.

This is the way to the store.

also on the way to the store.

The way we grocery shop in the olden days. This backpack has been all over Chicago, Seattle, Sweden, and now England.

I think it's time I had a prettier one.

The grocery trolly being unloaded.

(You get the evil eye if you ask for a plastic bag, that is really frowned on here as a big no no)

All this fit in my handy dandy backpack.

Look at the expression on Monkey's face.

(pass the cat prozac please)

Well, hubby is home and exhausted. He's all geared up for a weekend of lying around like a sloth. Yay, more of what I've done all week.

Hope your weekends are fun, exciting and illness free !

luv me


SOUL: said...

at least you have your sense of humor!
you know we'd both be dead without that-

hurry up and get better-

i cracked up at the monkey pic. good lord she looks eviiiiil!

it was good to talk to you-- :))

luv me

Anonymous said...

How far is the walk to the grocery store? Picture of Monkey looks so evil it's really priceless. We got kids yest and took them to Timberfest last night, then pizza. Get well soon! aj

Brad said...

Sorry your still feeling bad sweets - I like how the other cats are looking at monkey like WTH? or looking away.

I want to lay around and be lazy but I'm sure I'll get crap for it! Hope you feel better soon!

myomyohi said...

Hope you feel better soon. I loved the cemeteries over there...

Anonymous said...

Hope you get to feelin better and hope you don't have the flu. That pic of Monkey is a classic. That beautiful pathway to the store just cries out for a bicycle. Get a bike and ride the groceries in the big basket. We did lift a toast to you at Octoberfest and we missed you there. All had a goodtime and stayed at Floosie 2's till nearly 10. Wish you could meet our new neighbor, Karen, who was there. You and her are a lot alike. G5