Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Senile American .....and a P.S.

Well, today I took my big 2 hour trip to Fareham.If I need to go to the grocery store or don't want to walk home all the way from over by quarantine,I only have a 2 hour window.

They had a big street fair going with little kids dancing and a D.J. , he was playing the macaraina.
I kind of wanted to stay , just sit around and watch the life going on around me. Then I thought of how ,if I don't take the 13:25 bus home.....then I'll have to walk the long way home and then walk all the way to the grocery store, after that.

I pulled my baggy,falling off, pants up (again) and decided to catch the 13:25 home.

Here's something you may not be aware of, in England public bathrooms....err ....I mean
"toilets", as they call them, are few and far between.

We grew up being told "Don't say toilet! Call it a rest room.You dirty girl!"
Well , get to England and the sign says "Toilet". Every time I have to say "Excuse me, do you have a toilet?" I feel like my mom's gonna rise from the grave and give me an ass whoopin' !"
(you dirty girl!)

But, I digress....As I was listening to the music, watching the dancing and wishing to stay.....I was also thinking " Oh lovely, I have to go to the bathroom." Toilet...WTFE.

As my Alli still hasn't f'n arrived, I was forced to buy some generic looking exlax type product, which I o.d.'d on last night....just to make sure it worked.
Well, now, here I am in the middle of town ...oops, City centre.....and my guts are gonna blow!
(2 weeks worth ,if the pills work)

The nearest toilet is at the END of my 35 minute bus ride ,when I land at the grocery store.

My stomach churned the entire ride and I made it to the err toilet . Thank God :)

Your welcome for the TMI. LOL

I've been trying to write this post for 3 days now. Ok, where was I?

Oh yeah, I had an encounter with some British blokes the other day. I was on the walking trail on my way home from the grocery store. Ahead of me are 4 guys standing on the grass. As I'm walking towards them ,I think "they look like they're bored and looking for trouble."
I start mentally trying to guess their ages as I'm walking.

I get a little closer and I hear one of them say"hey it's that girl again."

One of them yells out to me "You always have a suitcase don't you?"

I say" Actually, it's a backpack."

"Are you from America?"

I'm passing by them as I yell back "Yes."

"You look just like Peggy so and so." One yells .

"Who's that? " I say

" She's a really buff mod el" He says with a British accent, while doing a muscle pose.

Hmmm... I must look up this Peggy when I get home. LOL

I keep walking and then they start singing "She's an American girl ....she'll come into your town ...she'll help you party down...she's an American girl."

I was chuckling to myself the rest of the way home.

Oh and I guessed their ages to be about 9 or10 years old.

Naturally ,by the time I got home I had totally forgotten the last name of this buff Peggy.
Damn you, senility!

Does she look like this?


Well it's Friday ,my spouse is on his way to the airport right now to come home.

My big plan is to get caught up on my chores before he gets here. Exciting ,I know.

Happy Friday peeps!

***********************************************************Oh , and's a P.S.

My darling friend Brad sent me this email :

I google-ed "peggy british model"

This must be what they meant.

Peggy Ashcroft - dead at 83! - come on - update and post it !

Peggy Ashcroft.[Credits : Sasha—Hulton Archive/Getty Images]

You must be right ,the resemblance is uncanny.

I 'm feelin' the love brutha' :)

Oh, p.s. 2 I meant to also say that if the little boys had been closer to me, they would have really been embarrassed to see that I was old enough to be their grandma .

It's the little things ya'll :)


Anonymous said...

Boy! Glad they were 9 or 10 and not 19 or 20 ! Be careful! Flooding here. We've gotten 6 and 1/2 inches of rain since 530pm! aj

Meg said...

At that age I'm surprised they didn't ask you about how well you know Barack Obama or any other celebs -- that's what I get a lot from that age group.

Also, I'm with ya on the toilet thing. I always feel so dirty asking where the toilet is. I suppose it's revenge for all the times I forced hubby to ask supermarket stock-boys for 'bog roll' just to see their reaction.


Brad said...

It all in how you say it - practise: 'toy-el-et' Sounds frechy if you do it right.

My other worthless 2 cents (shillings?) are in your email.

And while I'm thinking about it I've got a research mission for you. British money, WTH? What is a shilling? do a number of shillings make up a pound? What the hell is a Quid? There's more, I just can't think of them right now.

Anwsers please...

SOUL: said...

i like the way you saved the boys ages - like a punch line.
i was thinking they were 'big-boys' like 20-sumthin. you had me worried.
and the 'always has a suitcase' -- first to mind was "white trash alert!"
you dirty girl.

sounds like a wonderful time-- i do hope you found the toilette in time -

love me.

oh ps--
call me :))

Anonymous said...

We had a total of 8 inches (flooding) in less than 12 hours. Boy, she looks like soul! aj

Anonymous said...

Now we will just have to start calling you Peggy Sue - ala the Everly Brothers. I betcha those boys will lurk there waiting for you to walk by each time. G5

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you could have gone on about the bowel thing for like thirty minutes before I would have gotten tired of laughing at it....funny stuff.

desert dirt diva said...

man i started taking the alli again because i can't stand to have a crappy stomach really i feel your pain!
I so loved the boys singing to you..happy humpday my friend