Monday, November 23, 2009

Is there a wind suit available? & a P.S.

Top o' the mornin' people,

Nothing screams "Happy Monday" like stepping in a nice pile of pine needle studded cat vomit.

We actually had quite a productive weekend.

My prince of a husband installed my Tapadapta. Woo hoo!! Now I can control my hideous lime scale coverage.

Saturday he dropped me off in Southampton.

It was pouring rain, the wind was awful yet I have never seen anything so packed in my life.

It was wall to wall people even in the main aisle of that mall. No way would I go in there.

I did go to all the thrift stores though, picked up a couple shirts and 3 books.

Yesterday we had an early dinner at this pub. Thtchfield Mill. We went there once last year when I was here. I love the atmosphere.

On Sundays they have what they call a "Sunday roast" in this case they had 4 roasts, turkey,pork, fish or a vegetarian one. It's a pretty big place .I don't think the smaller pubs have that many choices.

Hubby got the turkey and I got the pork . They also came with a Yorkshire pudding ,which was kind of like a pastry with no sugar . It would have been good if it had some gravy on it or something. It was just sitting there like a piece of dry bread.

We also had some roasted parsnips, which I have never tasted in my life. They were ok. Sort of like a water chestnut texture ,but looked like a small white carrot.

Sadly, both of us had dry meat. All in all , we had to agree that the food we cook at home is much yummier. The bad side of being an awesome cook. Dang it :)

We also braved the wind and rain yesterday to go find the boys this huge box to play in.

It contained this half price Christmas tree.

Hubby worked (on work) while I managed to put the thing together myself.

It took hours and hours....and of course all we have is cheap ugly plastic ornaments.....

and we didn't get enough garland so I had to skip that.

Not too shabby, considering.

Our first British Christmas tree.

I'm just happy to have one and that I got to put it up this early. Woot!

Now if only I'd get a phone call today saying" hey we're delivering your table and chairs!"

Today is cleaning and laundry day. Hubby is off to Warwick and the weather is still absolute crap. I'll have to walk to the store later and YES ,I am dreading it.

Have a great Monday!

Luv me


I'm back from my lovely walk to the store. How effin windy was it?

Here, lets ask my BRAND NEW umbrella......

Damn it.

Oh..P.S. 2 .....I've been getting the pills down the cats baut the stuff is supposed to take a few days to build up in their bodies. So no change at all so far.

Keep yer fingers crossed:)


Jamie said...

I am happy to hear that you got out of the house and had some fun. And I think your tree is pretty great.

How are the kids getting along with the new meds?

Have a great week Smocha. Hugs. :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

You are amazing, woman! Yes...I, too, would like to know about the furbabies. Tell us what happened at the vets, what they are on and if its helping and if not, are you taking it instead. Bwhahahahaha

SOUL: said...

i love the look of the pub-- altho the food seems to leave much to be desired. hope the booze was better. :))

i cracked uup at your umbrella! that is exactly why i refuse to carry one. back in the day where i hated to be 'looked' at -- i was on diego-- 1985 -- i had an umbrella turn completely inside out !!! in a real live typhoon! with about 50 onlookers-
do you think i was embarrassed ? mortified would sum it up. i found the nearest trash can, tossed it in, and never carried an umbrella since.
'they're gonna laugh at you!!!!'
(thanks mom")

anyhow-- have you decided on your turkey day plans? i say do it like any other day-- and 'celebrate the holiday' when the time is right- with yo hubby.

oh ps-- you did a great job on the tree! at first i chuckled and thought it looked like charlie browns' tree--- it looks mahvelous dahlink!
have a happy day!

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
I agree w/Soul bout the tree. looked kinds sad at first. But it looks great!
I was bustin up at your umbrella!
Still am.
Oh, forget bout the question thingy. The answers took care of themselves. Thanks anyway.
So are you cooking on thanksgiving?
I don't think I'd have the desire to go out to a restaurant. But if you did at least they would not be overcrowded like in America.
So are there alot of Americans where you are at? maybe people that came over to work at the same company as Scott? And how do you like it there?

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot. It's me Audrey. I didnt want to sign in under my alter ego.

Anonymous said...

So how do cats get pine needles in their poop? I hope they didn't try to eat your Christmas tree. Great job on the tree! It looks really nice. Does Monkey ever watch the boys play? Find a pub with great food - they are out there - and then stick with it. All pubs we went to had a great variety of things to order and about half the pubs had very good food. One pub we ate in in the Cotswolds was built in 1350. Now that's old. G5

Daniela Deane said...

My boys love Yorkshire puddings! My husband is actually quite good at them...Your comment on my dryers post cracked me up! Nice to meet you, girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Cook yourself some southern fried potatoes with onions! Enjoy without a guilt trip by yourself! aj

SOUL: said...

happy turkey day!
update hawg-- what's yer POD ?
love you
call me