Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm too old to get up at 4:45.......

(Remember to click the pics to see them full size)

Ola ya'll ,

Yesterday I actually got to go on a field trip. Hubby had to go to a meeting in a town called Warwick. I got to tag along.

We had to get up at 4:45 and leave by 6 for our two and a half hour drive. Let me remind you ...my husbands driving is horrifying. Well, 2 and a
half hours of it ,going 90 miles an hour in traffic, at the crack of dawn ....was not exactly relaxing.

We arrive at 8:30 and he drops me off in the town of Leamington Spa. It's freezing cold out and nothing is open yet.

Damn, why didn't I bring any gloves!?

I finally find a drug store that's open and kill half an hour in there.

By 11 I have been to all the thrift stores, all through 2 malls and several expensive department stores.

I hop on the bus to Warwick, get off in the towne center and start walking around there.I have walked for miles by now and I'm starving too.

This is how one "goes out to lunch " over here. You find a fish and chips shop. You order a diet coke and a "portion of chips"
All of this cost's about 2 pounds.

They give you enough chips to feed a whole family.Those things are covered in salty goodness. (this serves a secondary purpose of swelling you up with fluid retention so you don't have to worry about trying to find a place to go pee) Because there ISN'T one.
Then you have to go outside and find someplace to sit and eat them. You could never eat all of them.

I had to eat mine sitting on the edge of a cold concrete planter.

Then I went to all the thrift stores in Warwick and some gift shops.

I found absolutely NOTHING to buy all day , except some chapstick and some wart remover (that would be for hubby, not me)

Warwick is built on hills.
My legs were feeling the burn.

Some cute doors around there.

I am starting to get really tired and cold. I wish there was some indoor place to just sit and smoke. No such thing exists.

I took a few pictures and walked and walked some more.

Went in a couple antique stores. Didn't find anything (affordable)

Hubby finally came and picked me up. As soon as I got in the car I could barely keep my eyes open. In spite of his driving I took a nap . Wishing I could sleep the entire way home :)

It gets dark around 4 P.M.
and there was some truck turned over on the freeway so we had to take a 40 minute long detour .....

....on top of the 2 and a half hour drive. UGH!

I thought we were never going to get home.

And I must say ,I actually felt sorry for hubby. He has to make this trip about every week. :(

Next time, I think I'll stay home.


So close and yet so far.........

There is a moth in that light fixture.

Cavuto intently guards his prey ,while wondering if he should jump into the light.

He decides not to risk the jump and becomes exhausted waiting for the moth to fly into his waiting maw.

Happy whoopin' Tuesday peeps!


Wesley said...

What's wrong with this sentence?
"Yesterday I actually got to go on a filed trip."

Call your son! (this one)
Also, you should quit smoking!

Love ya!

Wesley said...

Cool pictures btw!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I finally figured out how to leave a comment...and I also say, great pics. I love the blue door. Can you blow-up and frame? We been sick here for a week with flu! Joy!-Heidi

Mary said...

This (almost) home bound old woman really looks forward to your field trip pictures. These are wonderful, as usual.

I bet you slept like a log after this day.

SOUL: said...

yep, i agree with the lot of them :)) great pix.
speaking of pix, i have a pretty cool camera hanging in my closet that would make a nice christmas gift for a nice 'soul' that i know. and you wouldn't even have to pay to ship it across the world :))

oh stop i can hear your grunt all the way over here ...

anyhow , why no pix of the flipped over truck, or traffic jam?
just reading of your long rides, and field trip exhausted me. i can barely endure a mall hell day.

i am wondering--- did you get pigeon pooped on whilst eating your chips? :))

love ya-
call me teeewww
you never told me how to call you-- not that i could figure it out -- or afford it anyhow-
but email me the how to and i will find out

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your pics and you are a great photographer. You must go back to Warwick and see Warwick Castle. It is excellently restored, complete with dungeon. It is a beautiful castle, just like in the movies. Take pics of it also and include in this blog. Driving in U.K. is hazardous enuf as it is - cannot imagine at high speed. Great cat pics of the mighty hunter. G5
PS Can't you just find a pub and go in, have a smoke and a cuppa?

Anonymous said...

i love the photos...

Anonymous said...

I, too, look forward to your field trip pictures! Cute of Cavuto ! aj

myomyohi said...

Loved the pics. You'll love Warwick castle.... that's the only one I saw while there. Lots more pics please.

bettyl said...

Thanks for the tour! I do love to see other parts of the world. And I am ever so grateful for public toilets all over the country here in NZ!

Brad said...

I wish I could infect you with a love of history.

You were in BLOODY WARWICK!!!! - you could have gone to the CASTLE!!!!!!! - Norman conquest? Edward VI? English civil war?


Life is SO UNFAIR. I should get to come live with you and make you learn and love history!!!!!