Saturday, February 21, 2009

A look inside my flea mind....

Hi Ya'll,

Well nothing like being up at 5 A.m. on a Saturday. NOT!
Thank you Cavuto.

My house is a sty. Remember the closet mess I made last weekend? It's still not cleaned up. I have boxes sitting in the entry way. Piles of clothes still all over my bedroom.Absolutely NO reason why I haven't finished the job ,except it's February and I'm a lazy slug.
What do ya'll do to snap yourselves out of winter apathy?

I guess my plan du jour is to make myself a list. gah.

I was dreaming about an old road trip from hell when Cavuto woke me up this morning.

Picture it...... early 1990's .....My last husband and I were having problems and it was my second attempt at a separation. I load up my Taurus station wagon with 3 kids, my pitbull and her 11 newborn puppies and my pregnant cat.

Naturally , on the way between Washington and my destination ,California the cat gives birth to 6 kittens.

At one point I stopped at a motel for the night. The clerk says" do you have any pets to declare?"

It was such a ludicrous situation, I had a mental cackling attack when she asked me that.

When I was able to stop my insane laughter , I replied "Yes, I have 19 of them, but they'll be staying in the car."

Thank God it was only a dream.....this time. Good times people, good times :)


Isn't 46 too young to be senile?

The other night I was watching "Eleventh hour ", great show by the way! Always some weird scientific crisis going on. Anyhow, something during the show made me think of something that I was dying to tell this bloggy friend of mine.
I couldn't do it right in the middle of the show. So I go to email him when the show is over .By the time I write all this background stuff, I have NO clue what it was that I was originally going to tell him.Ack!
And I still don't remember .

This kind of thing happens ALL the time. I have the memory of a flea!
Please tell me I am not the only one like this, at such a young age.

Someday, I'll be at a dinner party or something and the lost information will just pop into my mind.

"Would you like some more brussel sprouts dear? "

And I'll blurt out "It was the maid! In the conservatory with the candlestick!"

Figaro....Figaro coffee tastes terrible. WHY did I buy this cheap coffee? I need to cut Cavutos nails. I feel fat.I need a haircut. Figaro....Figaro ...Figaro

Have a great Saturday peeps!

Luv me


Mary said...

I can live with the part where I forget what I was about to say. It's the forgetting what I went into another room to get that makes me feel like I walked into a brick wall. Of course, I'm a lot older than you - old enough to be your mother, in fact. I won't tell you that I've been having these glitches for many years. In other words - you're normal.

Mary said...

See, I really am senile. I started a comment to say "19 animals and three boys!!! You are one brave lady." I think kitty did you a favor to wake you from reliving that experience. Ain't life grand?

desert dirt diva said...

snap out of it my will get better, and i can not believe your house is a sty....your idea of sty and mine are so diffrent!!!!!you should see my house and i'm having a ten year old sleep over, yea!

SOUL: said...

i feel fat too-- and i need a haircut-- i have cheap ass store brand coffee too--
AND i just woke up in the library with -- shit i forgot- but he had a mop-- and smoked brisket--
oh crap-- it must've been a dream.


oh btw-- it's not senility-- it's brain damage--- we both have it.
did i tell you i have clogged noggin arteries too? well i do.

race ya to the finish line !
love , me

this is the MOST boring saturday evah !!

Anonymous said...

No, you are normal. As you get up in years the memory is the 2nd thing to go. I can't remember what the first thing is. G5

Dear Liza said...

OMG---this made me laugh. No you aren't the only senile one...I am 48, so unless those two years make ALL the difference, then I'd say it's just life these days. Too much to do, too much to remember.

Cheap coffee...I've read about that on other blogs twice this am..kind of telling on the sad state of affairs these days, isn't it?

Figaro, figaro...LOL

Happy Sunday.


Creative Problem Solver said...

Bahahaa!! Nice one G5.

Anonymous said...

well,I feel like,uh........what was I saying?

Brad said...

Was I that email recepient? I think I forgot to tell you my anwser was yes. Just don't tell Mom.