Sunday, February 15, 2009

You romantic devil.... and a P.s.

Hi ya'll,

Late Happy Valentines day ! Yesterday morning when my spouse called me I said "did you get my Valentine card?"

I had scanned it and emailed it to him.

"Yeah, I got it. I didn't get you anything yet."

We are supposed to be living on the CHEAP right now, trying to recover from the quarantine fiasco.So I've been reluctant to bring up the fact that I may need to buy a power washer.(here's my chance)

"Oh, well don't, I may need to get a power washer."

"You don't even have a customer yet." (always the optimist) lol

During the rest of our conversation it comes up (again) how he needs to buy a dresser. Right now he has the bedroom T.V. sitting on a little outdoor table and a toolbox.So he really DOES need a dresser.
Well "I" am thinking CHEAP, used dresser.

My husband does not know the meaning of the word CHEAP.

Later on ,he calls me while I'm at the library.

"I decided to get you a power washer for Valentines day."

"Oh goody!"

"Oh, I got a dresser today too. I got a discount on it. "

This raises my money hackles. "You wouldn't know a discount if you tripped on it."

I did not ask what he paid for the dresser because I'm sure the knowledge would make me nauseous.
I am picturing a solid oak ,7 or 800.00 dresser. He will send me a picture of it later on today.
We'll see if my hunch is right.

So, I will be getting my most romantic Valentine present EVER.

Woo Hoo!

Now when I get a customer.....I will be good to go!

My son has been working on our website and I must say it is looking pretty good so far.

Check it out and tell me what you think. Don't bother clicking on the links yet because they're still empty.

Note that there is a "big" word on there. Tell me if you know what it means. No looking it up!

Floozie1 is picking me up for the bacon buffet ,in her new car this morning. She just bought herself a Toyota Matrix. I had no idea the inside of them was so cute.

I better go get beautiful.

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me

P.s. After I posted that I went and looked at dressers on the UK websites and I saved
THIS picture of the dresser i thought my husband would have bought.

Nice Oak dresser. Right?

Well, he just sent me pictures of the dresser he bought.

Do I know my husband or what?

Ta da!


Anonymous said...

The past few years I'd look at the little mitas tillars and want one. Last summer a place here got in some stihls. I told hubby I wanted one for Christmas. A week later I mentioned it again, and he said 'why wait? Go get one now but but don't forget it's your Christmas present.' I am still tickled over it. I told Betty I never thought I'd get so tickled over it, or a trailer load of compost or mulch! Last month Sears had a good sell on those tall tool holders with drawers. Walking by power washers, I told him I want one of those one present. The very next day Craigs list had one! Now I decided I think my next present is those tall compost tumblers! Betty called last night. Her friend gave her a $50 Camilia about 4-5 feet tall! She was tickled! So Hubby let me order 50 dogwood seedlings to line the woods with!aj

SOUL: said...

i like the matrix-- i almost bought one, in fact.
so anyhow-- happy sunday-- ugh.
good luck with the new biz.
luv me.

SOUL: said...

if you don't get rid of this frickin censored comment crap--i'm not gonna comment any more.
what're ya dointoday

Mary said...

Your son does really neat web sites. I wish Harry would make his sites more fun - he's all nerdy. Harry's personal company sites are: and

I thought that "alliteration" was reference to the name of your company having both words begin the same. I have to admit I looked it up to be sure I was on the right track before I made a fool of myself. I wasn't completely correct but that's me.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You do know your hubby. Amazing. Do not buy the power washer quite yet - it might be 3 or 4 months before you encounter a job where you need one. Wait till you need it. G5

Creative Problem Solver said...


The repetition of consonants at the beginning of two or more words immediately succeeding each other, or at short intervals; as in the following ...

You were absolutely correct.