Monday, February 16, 2009

Do you have a backhoe I can borrow?

Hi ya'll,

Sunday morning I went up in the attic and got my boxes of summer clothes down. and by that , I mean I climb up the scary "ladder stairs" and have to roll the boxes down ,where they crash in a heap at the bottom.

Little did I know what a huge can of worms I was opening.Once I had those clothes.....I now had to drag the entire contents of my closet out ,pack away the really winter-y clothes and sift through all the clothes that are now too big for me.

Which was pretty much everything in my closet.

OMG! What a mess I made.

Two days later ,I am still not done with my little project.

I now have three huge boxes of clothes to get rid of.Gah!

Now I have to have a yard sale:)

If you're in the market for some size 10 bottoms and size large tops, let me know. I'll have an online yard sale.

3 bucks for bottoms, 2 bucks for tops. Most of it is new or like new. And no walmart clothes either!

Seriously, let me know what ya need and I'll tell you if I have it.

Obviously ,since I've been trapped in closet hell for 2 days I have nothing exciting to report.
I haven't even seen another human being.

Cavuto is doing great and looking like his old self again.

Only now, he's quite the lazy slug without his sidekicks.

He'll probably be obese by August.

O'Reilly, doing his bunny in England.

I feel so bad that they have to be separated. He misses Cavuto desperately.

Monkey,caught mid-bitch on one of the new cat shelves.

She does not like England. It's too cold!

Hopefully today will be fun or exciting around here. Figure the odds.

Hope you guys have a great day in your worlds!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

Unreal how Cavuto improved so fast! How can Monkey dislike England since it's too cold? It's warm inside nut! It's raining here, will tomorrow also. 35 degrees now. yuk! aj

SOUL: said...

i am moving at a snails pace here too---or maybe i just have ADD??

desert dirt diva said...

mid-bitch, thats priceless:) not to much here

Brad said...

I've been looking for a lace teddy for a while now, whatcha got?

Bleh, humbug and BLAH! -

I doan wanna works no mo!

Anonymous said...

Selling your winter stuff? It's gonna be cold again next November. Well, duh, if you say they are all too large, they are all too large. Congrats. It was the grieving and stress over Cavuto that trimmed the pounds off. I need to get me a cat and do that because I need to lose 30. We are babysitting a cat for 2 1/2 weeks, a beautiful Calico. First cat I have ever been around that begs at the table. I thought cats were too aloof to do that. If ya have a bunch of nice rags takem to a consignment shop.