Sunday, February 8, 2009

Is there a mermaid in the house?

Ola Ya'll,

Yesterday blogger was listing my links like NO ONE had updated for days. Then today ,I see it says "one day ago" WTH?
Some of you did update and blogger lied to me.

I'm supposed to go meet Floozie1 at what we call "the bacon buffet" in a little bit .We do Sunday breakfast there quite often.In spite of that, I just got on the scale and have now lost 17 pounds. WOO HOO!!!
Weird how I still look exactly the same ,when i look in the mirror.

I may as well tell you guys about my new summer business plan. Either we'll be jinxed or we won't be. Figure the odds. LOL

(click on it to see it big)

As you can see, we are having a problem coming up with a decent mermaid. (this is just a rough draft) but I hate her. she's too "little mermaid-ish"

Here's MY great mermaid. lol

Equally hideous ,in her own special way.

If any of you happen to be an artist...could you please send me a mermaid? LOL

I have a fun filled day of cleaning and laundry planned. I had thought that was yesterdays plan but it took me all day to get half of it done. So more of the same today.

Knuklehead on top of the cabinets.

Note the ear sores ,nearly healed.

Ain't I pretty?

He often uses that gourd for a pillow.

(yes, I see that I need to dust that crap)

sweet kittie feet

Have a great Sunday !

Luv me

Update:: Now we're gettin' somewhere. How about this one?


SOUL: said...

aint it great to be home.. with your friends, and plans.. and the business thing sounds most awesome.
little advice tho-- if you haven't already got the going rate of your competition... do it before you go slingin prices around. just look how much it costs to detail a car-- i'm sure 10.00 a foot is lowballin yourself. but hell , what do i know?
that's what i thought.

well.. i gotta busta move here. or go to bed-- or eat. i have a headyache.. one of those things just make me feel bettah.

SOUL: said...

if ypou don't get rid of this damn holding the comments crap-- i'm not comin back :P


Mary said...

The business holds promise. I know nothing about detailing a boat but I think lots of folks would be interested in having the job done by someone who has experience with their personal boat. You certainly know the ins-n-outs of properly caring for your boat based on it's condition. The best of luck!

It's really good to see Cavuto looking so much better. His eyes aren't glazed and he doesn't look sad. I know you're relieved!

Anonymous said...

Unreal how a few weeks with you made such a difference with Cavuto! Good luck on your business venture. Have your seen any similar locally? aj

desert dirt diva said...

The last one is the best one.....mermaids that is....yes and your baby does look much better....

ac said...

I used to do staging in the interior of new yachts. I brought in place mats, flowers, pillows, etc. My job was to made it cozy so potential buyers would like it and want to buy. I did a LOT of detailing as the boats came from the factory all dusty.

Ahhh... I remember many a sunny day out on the deck of a boat cleaning, polishing, and getting her spiffed up. Good times.

Good luck with your venture. I think it's an AWESOME idea!

Anonymous said...

I love the new merMAID all the way down to her less than perfect looking
Cavuto is looking so good, and Mama's not crying anymore, I am so relieved.
I know your business venture is going to be successful as long as you leave your flyers everywhere, even in the sunday papers would be cool.
Good Luck
Love, Ment

starsimplified said...

I think this is a SUPER idea for a business! And I do love your new logo - the last one on the post. Those mermaids look saucy and sassy! Wishing you the best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Congrads on the new venture. Makes me wanna go out and buy a boat just so's you can clean it! You owe me anyway for all the times I cleaned your uhh, house.
I hate to be the one to tell you I don't like your "mer-witch" she loks like a mermaid who herself is trying a new "venture". LOL!
signed "anonymouth" but you know me anyway!!! Hahaha

Anonymous said...

The redo of the mermaids is great - one has a broom, the other a mop. I know you said leather protector, but most boat seats are vinyl - so you need to say vinyl or leather protector, as the case may be. The 10 bucks a foot is what the marinas and boat dealers charge so it is competitive - tho they do not do a thorough job - not near as good as mermaids. Also you might consider waxing the hull for an add'l 10 bucks a foot, and you may need a pressure washer if someone wants you to clean their filthy boat cover, especially on a pontoon boat. Jes sayin' G5

Dear Liza said...

What a great idea Smocha! I think you should do really well..and I like YOUR mermaid---the hair especially.

Cavuto looks wonderful. :)