Monday, February 9, 2009


Hi Ya'll ,

I've been trying to update this thing all day. I've been too busy . Not that I even have anything to update about, either.

I've spent most of the day working on Mobile Merm**ds.

Made a lot of progress too. Website, up and running....awaiting more content. Business cards made and ordered.....check!Logo finally finished and acceptable....check!Business plan and agreement written and signed...check!

Now I just need a nerve pill and a client :)


Well, that's our logo . so too bad if you don't like it. LOL

I see that hardly anyone has updated today. What were you guys so busy doing?

As usual , there is NOTHING on T.V.
GAH!! that makes me so mad.
BTW, has anyone noticed that they took away "lifetime" and stuck "bravo" on there instead?
Do you know what that means? NO Golden Girls!
Who is responsible for this?? Who do I complain to?

Yesterday it was 75 degrees! I took a book , a blanket and a little pillow and went and hung out on my boat dock for a couple hours. It was heavenly.

To be continued.......I've even boring myself with this crap.

Good morning.....

I still "got nuthin'"

So, I'll go ahead and call it a post. Sorry:)

Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

Luv me


Brad said...

I've been trying to post but work keeps getting in the way - I like the logo and the business idea. A great niche market idea. I will post before the day is over- promise!

Dear Liza said...

Love the finished product, hope that you have way more business than you can handle. Hang will be great.

Have a happy...evening? :)

Brad said...

Talk to me...did you get my email?

ac said...

Your logo is tres clever!

audrod777 said...

Hi! Like this logo much better! Nice job. Which son did it?

Smocha said...

Thanks guys! I really think it IS a good idea. So why am I such a no-confidence nervous wreck? lol

My oldest son ,Wes is the one that did the logo.

He has a design company in Florida.

Lucky for me:)))

Mary said...

I like the logo, also. Starting a business is a lot of work but it's work the effort to not have to follow someone else's rules. I'm gonna check out the son's website.