Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


Anonymous said...

Does hubby send his dress work shirts to the laundry? That helps! get well soon! aj

Nocturnal Queen said...

The second picture: My cat Sam sleeps close to me like that. It sometimes drives me crazy and I push him away. My cat Evie will sleep close to me once in awhile. Sadie sometimes likes to sleep between the pillows, so kind of close to my head. :-)

When my husband and I were first married, we didn't have a washer or dryer, so I washed our clothes in the bathtub and then hung them up to dry from the shower curtain rod. I don't miss that at all.

Jamie said...

Ugh..laundry day must be so hard on you! I watch househunters international all the time..why IS it that there are no damned clothes dryers in your country?

Happy Hump day. :)

Smocha said...

AJ, Yes , We spend a billion uh..pounds a week on dry cleaning. he wears a suit every day.

When Monkey was here ,she layed right ON my hip. Believe me , a 4 pound cat can be extremely painful that way.
As it is now, Cavuto usually lays right next to me, and O'Reilly drapes himself over me.
And then Cavuto WILL wake me up when he gets up, at the crack of dawn.Come hell or spilled water.

Anyway ya slice it, when the bed is THIS small , it's misery!

And back in "the day" Robert and I had to do laundry in the tub as well,including cloth diapers. *shudder*

then we moved on up to the laundrymat! lol

I finally got a washer and dryer one day and I never thought I would be back to THIS :(

Smocha said...

Ha! Jamie ,

I'll get back to you on that...I'm OUT of cigarettes . MUST go nigh..night..Now or die.

Brad said...

wow - it's just a constant party over there isn't it? I'm hoping come spring you'll feel more like getting out - AND SOAKING UP SOME OF THE 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY! I'd give my eye teeth to come explore!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Robert, I take it he's doing ok? You have to feel 'blessed' not to be with him still. I'm glad you had the 'whatever' to leave. I'd be bad to be 'poor' as an adult. How's middle son doing in Florida? Hope the siblings are getting along ok. Tonya recently gave me a box of things from Larry. a monopany game - thought of you and your bunch. I don't 'do' game --- Sue Jackson! aj

midwesttomidlands said...

Great pics. I'm sorry but the laundry pics make me laugh, having gone through the same thing. (but I sooo know it's not funny.) We finally got a dryer, it's outside in a little room off the house, but a dryer just the same.
Thanks for the link and I shall return the favor later today. Get well!

SOUL said...

plastic on the lampshade -- lovely.
we have been threatening soulkid with that gawd -awful plastic furniture covering (remember like grandparents- and old folks had on their couches and car interiors when we were kids? :))
been tellin her for years we were gonnna put that stuff on everything -- cuz she makes so many messes.
i would-- if i didn't hate it so much.
instead we spend a fortune cleaning or replacing everything all the time.

just wait til she starts buyin her own cars and furniture-- i will laugh at her-- bwa hahahahah