Monday, February 8, 2010

Do you deliver vodka?

Well what a thrilling weekend we had. Uh ..NOT!

My husband is sick and was overloaded with work that had to be done by today. It was like living with a corpse all weekend.

The poor thing is on his way to Germany right now. I hope he doesn't faint any where.

I just got all ready to walk to the store and as soon as I stepped out the front door and was hit by the artic blast ,I had to step right back inside.

Remove hat,gloves,scarf,and coat and say outloud to myself "No damn way am I going to the store!"

Happy hour is ruined for this evening.


Jamie said...

This list tells me you are really, really smart. Seriously, how many of these have you read? It also tells me that your eyes can still read small print, and I am waaay jealous. Happy Sunday.... and big hugs. :)

I am not really smart. I have probably read half of them. My eyes can NOT see small print. Hello…old lady reading glasses .:)

Golden To Silver Val said...

omg, what a list! It looks like you have a keen interest in women's work in the armed forces, possibly in the medical field... I am familiar with only a very few of these books on your list and have read 3. You're awesome.

I actually have an interest in history. Being here in England has me reading British history, mostly about world war 2 and victorians .Back at home I have read about Vietnam, WW2, slaves, pioneers, wagon trains…etc.

Mary said...

It tells me you are interested in military history - especially women's role. It tells me you you are a serious reader. It tells me that you can hold an intelligent conversation. It tells me that you are lots smarter than me.

Ha ! again Not that smart. The problem is I read the stuff and then forget it all by the next day .:)

BREZZ said...

it tells me that you have a lot of time on your hands-- or you read very very fast.
and if i recall - you do.
and like jamie-- i am jealous too--
i just now delved back into eva's book--
how's the publishing goin on that?
has it been 'edited/formatted' yet--?


oh ps-- my hubby should have arrived at your chillens house within the last hour or so.
hope they have fun :))

luv me

Well, I actually don’t have all that much free time. It takes longer to do everything here. I do read very fast. Eva’s book is not yet formatted for publishing. Want to do it? LOL I hope they have fun tew!

Anonymous said...

What did Eva write? Do they have any books by Ann Rule ? Highly reccommend them. true murders... Also look for dvd's "Rosemary and Thyme". There's a total of 9, our library has 6. 2 english sluths. Very cute and good. 2 or 3 per dvd. aj I don't know if they ship to england but I recently found I spent 62 bucks for about 30 books including shipping. Most books are from .01 to a nickel.1120am at 35 degrees. Too cold for my blood!

Eva wrote a book about her life. It is GOOD! You have to pay for the dvd’s at the library here, so I never get any. Most of the books are older than back home too.

Nocturnal Queen said...

Wow, that's a lot of books.

My husband constantly watches boring news/finance shows. I usually have a book in hand every evening while watching t.v. :)


My hideous Morticia hair.


Happy stinkin' Monday Peeps!


Vicki said...

Well its good to know your hair color looks as frigging good as mine...but yours is much better at least you don`t have a dark root color...from where your hair grew out...go blond honey! sorry about the cold weather...and yes you are the fastest reader = have ever seen!can`t believe there is nooooooo happy hour! anyways hope tomorrow is warmer!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Have you ever read 1,000 White Women? OMG its good! This guy took fact, twisted a few things and wrote a fictional account of it. Takes place back in the early 1800's...when they were robbing the Native Americans. I read it in 2 nights; you'd probably finish it in 2 hours. LOL

Anonymous said...

Tell hub that a heart attack is nature's way of telling you that you need to slow down. G5

Nocturnal Queen said...

Finance shows, eh? Yeah, I'd be reading a book too. Thankfully, I'm usually the one with the remote. But I do "let" him watch shows he likes too if one of the shows I ~have~ to watch isn't on.

I do love books though. I have a ton on my shelves I still haven't read yet because for a good while I was buying them faster than I could read them. Sometimes I'd buy a big stack of books and try to find a place for them on my shelves or my nightstand.

I've cut down on the book-buying for now though so that I can make a dent in what I already have.

Jamie said...

Yep, you need to tell you hubby to slow down some, unless he wants to make you a which case, make SURE he has lots of life insurance.

Monday has come and is Tuesday which is way better.

Hugs, friend. :)

Sandy said...

I don't know what you find so unattractive about your hair!?

NO Vodka? Horrors....gin would work in a pinch.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my South Africa post. Stay tuned! More is coming.

Together We Save said...

I am so sick of cold weather!!