Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh Nyquil ,I miss you so.....

Remember last week when i bitched about my sick husband "being like a corpse all weekend" ?

Well for the last 5 days it's been MY turn. Today is the first day I've been off the bed or the couch.

Being sick and trapped in the house has really made me a depressed hag ,I must say.

For instance, right this minute I can not think of ONE single good thing about being in this country.

I just had to walk my sick self to the store in the freezing rain and wind. It did NOTHING for my disposition.

Today, I really wish I was at home.

Why is it that when I get sick, my appetite is as good as ever? In fact, the only thing that makes me feel better is food going down my gullet.

My entire face has felt like it was full of razor blades.

A Cornish pasty with sour cream and a little bag of chips.....pain is gone for those brief few minutes. How about another little pain break...5 oreos should help.Or a grilled cheese sandwich, blueberry cake, salami and ritz crackers, It's been a 5 day long eating binge!

I probably gained a pound or two for each sick day. Isn't that special.


I better shut up ,hadn't I?

I could really turn this into a big ole rant session. I shall spare you all.

You're welcome :)

Back to the couch for some more lame reruns.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

Luv me


SOUL said...

goo-lawd. get better and get UP-- you sound too much like me. this is alarming.
love me

Anonymous said...

That looks like your mother !! I, too, never loose my appitate when I'm sick. It's always amazes Bo! Have you been to any of the beautiful gardens there! I'll never go, since I will never fly, but there's much there I'd love to see! Walking in freezing rain had to be horrible. We cancelled last weeks garden club since it'll be outside. It's going to be just as bad tonight! Betty's not going for that reason but ole me will go. aj

Jamie said...

Get better!

Hugs.... :)

Anonymous said...

all I gots to say is how sorry I am. That just plain ole SUCKS!


Golden To Silver Val said...

OMG....please don't tell me they don't have Nyquil over there either!!! Nyquil is my knight in shining armor when I'm sick....I love it, I tell you. This sucks all right. Get well soon....how about if you drink a few hefty shots of whiskey and sweat it out. Do they at least have Vicks so you can rub yourself down in it?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are sick. That is the pits. Be sure and take 2000 mg a day of Vitamin D (and make sure it is D3). Your immune system needs it in a bitter winter with no sun. And, do not sleep with a sick person. You can sleep with him after he gets well - else you will catch what he has. Get yourself some chicken noodle soup and eat it every day. Put a little vodka in it. I said a little. G5

Nocturnal Queen said...

I hope you're better soon.