Monday, February 22, 2010

Heartbreaking dog and stolen meme's

This is the most pitiful thing I have seen in quite some time.


My son Wes found this dog yesterday, he is obviously in very bad shape.He needs to be seen by a vet ASAP.

He is an unneutered male and was found in Jacksonville Florida.

Wes said "
It’s tempting to break the rules and keep this dog. He’s really well mannered and friendly. "

Chances are that Wes' homeowners policy will not allow him to have a pit bull.

I searched the lost dog ads as far back as 2008 and did not find any about this dog.

If you live near Jacksonville and would like to foster him, or adopt him click the link below.

No matter where you live, if you could find in in your heart to donate a small amount towards the vet bill, PLEASE do so here:

Click the link to see more.

Thank you in advance for helping this beautiful soul recover.


I stole this meme/award thing from Val over at Golden to Silver Val,
Beautiful Blogger Award.....

"One of the conditions of this award is that I have to name 7 things about myself. Then I have to pass it on to 7 bloggers that I have newly met and think are fantastic."

MY 7 things :

1. If I am reading an author that I am not familiar with, I like to finish the book before I look at their picture. I think seeing it ahead of time gives one preconceived notions.

2. As far back as I can remember ,I have never gone more than a few weeks without at least ONE cat.

3. I look just like my dad.

4. It's nearly impossible for me to sit still and relax.

5. I was a widow with 15,13 and 11 year old sons, when I was 32. Now that my kids are pushing 30,I'm amazed at how young that really was.

6. I have had a lifelong, morbid fear of overflowing toilets.

7. I do not know how to type. I've been henpecking ever since we got our first computer in 1994.

I won't steal the award for myself (lol) but I will pass it on to 7 bloggers.

The award goes to ....

A Brit in Tennessee

Don't be shy ya'll , please accept the award and do the little meme :)


the latest thrift store find : Cavuto shaking hands

Have a great Monday Peeps!


Wesley said...

Are you going to paint that cat to look like cavuto?

Anonymous said...

Poor thing! I'd turn him over to the Humane Society. Starving, he may have developed bad trasits. Sad! They should find and lock up the owner with no food! aj

Golden To Silver Val said...

Ahem....if you read my can see that I DID give it to ARE on my blog roll. So don't go thinking that you're stealing it. LOL. No one was taking it so I had to come up with the first 7 that commented because people are funny about taking stuff not specifically given to them by name. So...I am officially giving it to you and expect to see it in your sidebar. You ARE very much a beautiful blogger. I do so enjoy your posts and I just LOVE your sense of humor.
Now about the dog...I advised Soul that perhaps the Pit Bull rescue in that area would take him...they are all about repairing the bad rep that these dogs have because of PEOPLE...not the dogs. They would not put him down. It really makes me sick .... physically see a pet in that kind of shape. God Bless your kids for helping him out.
TAKE your award. (shaking finger at you) LOL
Hope you're feeling your normal self. Doncha envy us over here with 1,900 inches of snow???

Anonymous said...

Wes/Lena-I have forwarded link onto family/friends that may be able to help. Wes, please stand by the dog till help can come.

midwesttomidlands said...

I'm speechless on all accounts at the moment. First the dog, I hate to see animals like that. It really bothered me on our last trip, the state of the animals. I hope there is a solution to the dog you posted about. Let's hope for a happy ending.
Just getting to know you and your sense of humor. Looking forward to getting to know you more through blogland. I see we have one thing in common - Diet Coke! Thanks for the award wow. I will be back to pick it up.:) In the meantime stay warm!!

Wesley said...

The dog is doing great so far. I've been feeding him every 2 hours, 6 times a day. His appetite is getting stronger every time.

At first, he just picked away at the food, but now he barely takes a breath until each bowl is gone.

He seems stronger already. His legs were trembling when he first showed up.

It rained today, so I made him a makeshift dog house. He's no dummy and has been hiding out, staying dry and looking forward to his next feeding.

Thanks for the kind words and donations! I'm planning on having him checked out at the vet tomorrow. I'm trying to find a crate to transport him in.

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet of Wes ! He takes after his auntie j !

Anonymous said...

ps.... pleaseeeeeee don't paint cat. How tall is it? Today at sos I saw the neatest plaque about 'soul', Thought of Soul but the postage would be out of my range it was so heavy, Oh, well, it's the 'thought that counts' . aj

Anonymous said...

That is the most pitifully thin dog I think I have ever seen. Good for Wes to rescue it. He should contact the Humane Society. They do not put down animals and will help to find him a good home. I am in agreement - do not paint the cat. G5

A Brit in Tennessee said...

What a sad state that dog is in, someone needs a good lashing, I will volunteer to do the job !
I have seen animals this poor after they have been "living on the lamb", especially with the Pit Bulls. People just turn them loose on the streets, especially if they have been evicted and can't rent another place, because of the dog.
He deserves a chance, and a loving home.
The Award, well I thank you for thinking about me. I am working rather heavy at the moment, but I will do the "meme" as soon as I can put it together.
I've also had the same fear of bathroom toilets overflowing ....hmmm.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

We read about this at Love and Hisses and had to come by and say that we really admire Wes for helping this poor guy out - and we also vote against going with the Humane Society because well, it could end badly for the poor dog. I would say to contact a pitbull specific rescue group first. I posted a link to this at my blog too - I know I have a few pit bull blogger follwers and hopefully they will see it and maybe have some ideas of who to contact to help. Thank you so much Wes - you are a good guy for helping out - we hope the vet news is good.

umi_e said...

It's really sad to see that poor dog... wish him well...

Shadow / Molly said...

Wes, have you tried to contact Rescue Ink ? I believe they have a phone number that is answered quicker than an email.

They are big into helping pit bulls as well as helping abused and abandoned ones. If they can't help they may know of a place near by that can.


Carolina Mountains said...

Bless your son for helping this poor dog. I will donate!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a terrible state for that poor dog to be in. It's great he is being fed while you're looking for a home for him.