Sunday, February 7, 2010

You might be a bookworm if.......

When ever they catch a killer or a bomber I always wonder " Do they check the library records of these people?" It seems to me that a lot of information could be gleaned from the choice of books they checked out.

For the first time ever I finally have a library which let me view my OWN record of past books.

I haven't read them all . I usually give a book about 30 pages ,if I don't like it by then I am not reading it. These are all the books I have checked out during my time in England.

If you're really bored .......see if this list tells you anything about me. I'll let you know if it's true or not.

1.Auschwitz : [Hardback] A Doctor's Story

2. Changing course : [Paperback] the wartime experiences of a member of the Women's Royal Naval Service,1939-1945

3. Buried. [Hardback]

4. The front. [Hardback]

5. Sworn to silence

6. Point of no return. [Hardback]

7. Spare change. [Hardback]

8. Bones to ashes. [Hardback]

9. The way forward is with a broken heart. [Hardback]

10. A mother's sacrifice

11. Blown away. [Hardback]

12. Don't You Know There's A War On? : [Hardback] The People's Voice,1939-45

13. The day the devils dropped in : [Hardback] the 9th Parachute Battalion in Normandy D-Day to D + 6 : the Merville Battery to the Chateau St Come

14. In cold daylight. [Paperback]

15. The forgotten island. [Paperback]

16. The neon rain. [Paperback]

17. Our wartime days : the WAAF

18. Rosie Little's cautionary tales for girls

19. Sawbones. [Paperback]

20. Girl missing

21. Child 44. [Hardback]

22. The Evacuation : [Hardback] A Very British Revolution

23. Dambusters : a landmark oral history

24. Broken bodies. [Hardback]

25. Dover beach. [Hardback]

26. Savage night. [Paperback]

27. Diary of a hapless househusband. [Paperback]

28. Evil at heart

29. Spare change. [Hardback]

30. Skin

31. Ralph's children. [Hardback]

32. What Did You Do in the War,mummy? : [Hardback] Women in World War II

33. War wives : [Hardback] a Second World War anthology

34. Out of the depths of hell : [Paperback] a soldier's story of life and death in Japanese hands

35. Diary Of Girl in Changi,1941-45. [Hardback]

36. Cross country

37. Beautiful lady. [Paperback]

38. A Wartime Christmas / [Hardback]

39. Floyd's great curries. [Paperback]

40. Cantina : [Books] The Best Of Casual Mexican Cooking

41. The killer inside me. [Paperback]

42. Last post. [Paperback]

43. Blind panic

44. Winter's bone. [Hardback]

45. Fortysomething. [Hardback]

46. The Spanish hawk. [Hardback]

47. Gutted

48. Carry me down. [Paperback]

49. Wicked prey

50. The birthing house

51. Martin misunderstood

52. Full hearts and empty bellies : a 1920s childhood from the Forest of Dean to the streets of London

53. Cold in hand

54. Heart-shaped box. [Hardback]

55. A New Forest Christmas. [Local History]

56. The Country Diary Christmas Book. [Hardback]

57. Sula. [Paperback]

58. Blood safari

59. Foolish mortals. [Hardback]

60. Madrid

61. A factory of cunning. [Paperback]

62. Kitchen memories : food and kitchen life through the ages

63. Legend of a suicide

64. One

65. The little book of Christmas stress. [Paperback]

66. Isabel and Rocco. [Paperback]

67. Treasure Island. [Hardback]

68. No sanctuary. [Hardback]

69. The mind's eye. [Hardback]

70. Victorian diaries : [Hardback] the daily lives of Victorian men and women

71. Twisted souls. [Hardback]

72. The last pleasure garden. [Hardback]

73. The Nineties : [Hardback] Personal Recollections Of the 20th Century

74. Devil bones

75. Back to the coast

76. Blood is the sky. [Hardback]

77. Song yet sung : [Potential Req] a novel

78. I am Scrooge : a zombie story for Christmas

79. Cooking for Christmas : [Hardback] festive food for the whole holiday season with over two hundred best-ever recipes : includes checklists,countdowns and meal planners to ensure success

80. Nine lives. [Paperback]

81. Make them cry. [Books]

82. Water Street. [Hardback]

83. Twisted tracks. [Paperback]

84. A Wartime Christmas / [Hardback]

85. Christmas made easy. [Paperback]

86. City of night. [Paperback]

87. The fantastic book of everybody's secrets. [Paperback]

88. In the dark

89. Slammer

90. Spin cycle. [Paperback]

91. Blackout. [Hardback]

92. Recipes for the nation's favourite food : [Hardback] Britain's top one hundred dishes

93. Women at war. [Hardback]

94. The ballad of Lee Cotton. [Hardback]

95. Sapphira and the slave girl. [Paperback]

96. Cold skin. [Paperback]

97. Problemski Hotel. [Paperback]

98. Mad Elaine. [Paperback]

99. The spy who came for Christmas

100. Ice cold

101. Unseen. [Paperback]

102. The Victorian Household Album / [Hardback]

103. Can't be Arsed

104. Wife in the north. [Paperback]

105. Requiem. [Hardback]

106. Deceit. [Hardback]

107. Send me no flowers

108. The broken window

109. Stalked. [Hardback]

110. The people's cookbook : [Paperback] a celebration of the nation's life though food

111. Primal cut. [Hardback]

112. Crap jobs. [Hardback]

113. We know. [Paperback]

114. Back roads. [Paperback]

115. When she was bad. [Paperback]

116. Ready, steady, cook 365 : a recipe for every day of the year

117. Fell purpose

118. Daddy's prisoner

119. The murder farm

120. Handling the undead

121. Does My Bum Look Big in This : [Hardback] The Diary Of an Insecure Woman

122. Grumpy old drivers

123. Joint force Harrier

124. The white tiger

125. Uncut : [Paperback] twenty-one short stories

126. Play dead

127. Body count / [Hardback]

128. Man and wife. [Hardback]

129. Animal's people. [Paperback]

130. Cemetery dance

131. Mummy's little girl : [Potential Req] a heart-rending story of abuse, innocence and the desperate race to save a lost child

132. Along came Dylan : two's a crowd when you've been top dog

133. Monster

134. London. [Paperback]

135. Lonely planet unpacked : [Paperback] travel disaster stories

136. Around the world in 80 Martinis : [Hardback] the logbook of a remarkable voyage undertaken by Gustav Temple and Vic Darkwood

137. Journey to the sea. [Paperback]

138. Second shot. [Paperback]

139. Ralph's children. [Hardback]

140. Fresh and fabulous meals in minutes : [Paperback] 80 delicious time-saving recipes

141. Hell's kitchen cookbook. [Paperback]

142. Post War Kitchen : [Books] Nostalgic Food and Facts from 1945-1954

143. Dinner in a dash : [Paperback] 50 dinners for 6 in 60 minutes

144. The people's cookbook : [Paperback] a celebration of the nation's life though food

145. When we were bad. [Paperback]

146. Touched by evil

147. Boy A. [Paperback]

148. Confessions of a sugar mummy. [Hardback]

149. The 50/50 killer. [Paperback]

150. The pub landlord's book of British common sense

151. Black seconds. [Paperback]

152. Long lost. [Hardback]

153. Jesus out to sea. [Hardback]

154. Private Peaceful. [Paperback]

155. If I should die before I wake. [Paperback]

156. Hidden. [Paperback]

157. City of Ember. [Childrens]

158. Top 100 salmon recipes : [Hardback] quick and easy dishes for every occasion

159. New British classics. [Hardback]

160. The country house servant. [Hardback]

161. The top 100 recipes from food and drink. [Paperback]

162. The Cook's Scrapbook. [Hardback]

163. The most amazing places to visit in Britain. [Paperback]

164. Ma, I'm getting meself a new mammy : the heartbreaking true story of a little girl who just wanted to be loved

165. Grumpy old men : [Hardback] new year,same old crap

166. Broken : the most shocking true story of abuse ever told

167. Gangs. [Paperback]

Am I psycho? LOL You tell me :)

Also tell me if you've recently read a great book.

Happy Sunday !


Jamie said...

This list tells me you are really, really smart. Seriously, how many of these have you read? It also tells me that your eyes can still read small print, and I am waaay jealous. Happy Sunday.... and big hugs. :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

omg, what a list! It looks like you have a keen interest in women's work in the armed forces, possibly in the medical field... I am familiar with only a very few of these books on your list and have read 3. You're awesome.

Mary said...

It tells me you are interested in military history - especially women's role. It tells me you you are a serious reader. It tells me that you can hold an intelligent conversation. It tells me that you are lots smarter than me.

BREZZ said...

it tells me that you have a lot of time on your hands-- or you read very very fast.
and if i recall - you do.
and like jamie-- i am jealous too--
i just now delved back into eva's book--
how's the publishing goin on that?
has it been 'edited/formatted' yet--?


oh ps-- my hubby should have arrived at your chillens house within the last hour or so.
hope they have fun :))

luv me

Anonymous said...

What did Eva write? Do they have any books by Ann Rule ? Highly reccommend them. true murders... Also look for dvd's "Rosemary and Thyme". There's a total of 9, our library has 6. 2 english sluths. Very cute and good. 2 or 3 per dvd. aj I don't know if they ship to england but I recently found I spent 62 bucks for about 30 books including shipping. Most books are from .01 to a nickel.1120am at 35 degrees. Too cold for my blood!

Nocturnal Queen said...

Wow, that's a lot of books.

Wesley said...

Here's my list of books from the library for the past 10 years.

That is all.