Friday, February 19, 2010

That bacon is rotten and so am I ...........

Can you feel the love?


I tried to "hem" these curtains with self stick velcro. Then realized I would have to iron the hem. The iron ruined the stickiness of the velcro. Disgusted ,I them whipped out the duct tape.
I see that next will be the stapler.

Aghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!The hell with it!!


Well I've been trapped in this house for over a week and a half now. Yesterday was to be the day that I got the hell out of here. I had big plans buddy! I was going to Fareham.I was going to live it up by having a Mcdonalds happy meal.

I loaded up my back pack with library books and the package I should have mailed weeks ago.The bus doesn't come until 10:45 ish. At 9 ,I was out of cigarettes.

I got on all my cold weather gear and hauled my bag off to Tesco.I killed some time in there having an egg and some hash browns then I looked in a few stores until it was nearly time for the bus.

I sit in the bus stop.....freezing....looking at my watch. 5 minutes late, 12 minutes late, 18 minutes late, 35 minutes late.

I finally have to accept the fact that the bus is NOT going to come. UGH! I was sooo disappointed I nearly busted out bawling my head off.

I had to drag my devastated ,frozen ass back home.

I couldn't even make myself function after I got home. I just sat around and fought back tears .

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Brad said...

wow - it's just a constant party over there isn't it? I'm hoping come spring you'll feel more like getting out - AND SOAKING UP SOME OF THE 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY! I'd give my eye teeth to come explore!

Bradly , It’s too damn cold right now.

Remember THIS?



Speaking of Robert, I take it he's doing ok?

As far as I know.


You have to feel 'blessed' not to be with him still. I'm glad you had the 'whatever' to leave. I'd be bad to be 'poor' as an adult.

Tell me about it! I’d probably be toothless and everything by now.


How's middle son doing in Florida? Hope the siblings are getting along ok.

He’s doing good. Has a job and prospects for a much better one. They get along great.


Tonya recently gave me a box of things from Larry. a monopoly game - thought of you and your bunch. I don't 'do' game --- Sue Jackson! Aj

LOL , that WAS a classic. I can’t wait for summer and game time!


Bloggermidwesttomidlands said...

Great pics. I'm sorry but the laundry pics make me laugh, having gone through the same thing. (but I sooo know it's not funny.) We finally got a dryer, it's outside in a little room off the house, but a dryer just the same.
Thanks for the link and I shall return the favor later today. Get well!

Thanks! Glad to hear that you have a dryer. I wouldn’t care if it was on the kitchen counter, I’d just be thrilled to have one. :)


BloggerGolden To Silver Val said...

OMG....please don't tell me they don't have Nyquil over there either!!! Nyquil is my knight in shining armour when I'm sick....I love it, I tell you.

So do I Val! I like to sleep right through my illness. NO they do not have Nyquil here.




BloggerBREZZ said...

anyhow-- i got a good chuckle out of how you didn't do anything fun to catch hubbys cold. i know the feelin dove.

LOL ,funny you caught that .




I despise cold weather. Coldest winter since we moved here. Global warming anyone? Thing to do in the winter: watch the Olympics on TV.

We don’t get them here. We don’t have the sports package.



AnonymousAnonymous said...

I love watching skiing and ice skating!

See above.



BloggerGeriatric Mummy said...

I'm glad it arrived safely :) I hope you enjoy it. There should be some non spicy recipes in there too!

Thanks again! I meant to email you, but I got sick and I’m behind on everything now.


BloggerGolden To Silver Val said...

. No clothes dryer? I would die. Walking to get groceries is bad enough....ugh.

It’s ridiculous. I don’t see the purpose.


Say....whatever happened about that lost roast? Did you ever find it?

No we never found it. Hopefully won’t in the spring thaw either.


As for me...I will no longer envy your "pampered" life. LOLOLOLOLOL I don't hang dry laundry....nope, nada.

Yeah, try not to be jealous. lol


Well, hubby got home from Finland last evening and as soon as he gets off this conferance call, I am OUT of here! Maybe I'll see something fun or exciting in town.

Happy Friday Peeps!


SOUL said...

well, i was about to kinda feel a bit sorry for you- then i read the comments etc-- and they were mostly pretty funny-- so i see you are still easily amused-- so no harm no foul i reckon.

"thanks dad for the sense of humor bud !!!"
we'd surely be shriveled up old spinsters without his blood in our veins. i swear that man was our only saving grace.
and that of our children as well :))

so btw-- you can take down the ole 'brezz' link thing - it's dead and gone.

and one more thing-
either i missed a post - or i'm out of the loop here--

why is it i "hear" all this suggestive speak of you coming 'home' in the summer-- seeing kids, friends, playing games, etc-- yet i have not 'heard' a single word of you perhaps-- seeing the soul clan-- at all, anywhere? hmmm. is that not on your agenda?

hmmm. i find that a bit -- well. interesting.

anyways-- hope you have a good day-- with some added sunshine perhaps.
latah bebe`

Anonymous said...

Do they have benadryl ? A couple of those will knock you out! 2day + next 3 in the 60's, nights 40's. I'm outside working, loving it! I do feel for you! aj

Heather said...

oh no, that really sucks. flipin buses!

Brad said...

There's an 'e' in Bradley.


Anonymous said...

OK, here's whatcha do: you start making a list of all the stuff you need over there that is not available over there, so you can buy it over here when you are here and put it all in an empty suitcase and take back with you. Call it the Survivor Pack. Sorry about the bus. You could really use a little motor scooter. G5