Friday, February 5, 2010

Never too old for Goth....

Yesterday morning I was all set to color my faded out hair. I've been using non -permanent hair color and it's been fading fast. So, naturally I got the next shade darker. Oh lovely, I only got ONE box because usually it's the type where you get your hair wet first.Nope ...then I see that it says "apply to dry hair" I needed 2 boxes in that case.Went ahead and did it anyway.

Oh joy, I wind up with way too effin' dark hair with some light stripes in the back.My mom used to call those "holidays" a big gap in your comb out after a roller set was also a holiday. I digress .

Ok, so yesterday.... my spouse gets home from Finland. There I am with dark ass ,way too dark hair and he does not even notice.

Nothin' says neglect ...err...I mean luvin' "What happened to your head?"

Picture, about 8:30 P.M .

My spouse arrives home from Warwick,UK.
He had to leave this morning about 5:30 , he usually tries to leave there by 2:30, to drive his 2 hour drive home .Well today, he never called me to tell me "I'm on my way home."

I finally called him, around 5 P.M. , he was still in some damn meeting and hadn't even left yet.
(I can't even tell you how disappointed I was to hear this news) I was awake too early today ,this place is wayyyy too small for someone to get up and get ready at 4:30 in the morning without everyone else being UP too.

I was in no mood to have to cook dinner now at 8 P.M. (ugh!)
So my spouse gets home and he says to me "What happened to your head?"

Since he hadn't noticed the hair the day before ,I was not sure if that's what he was referring to.

"What? My new crop of giant pimples?"

"No, your hair."

" My hair's been like this since yesterday. You just didn't notice."

I look like some fat ,pimple headed Morticia.

"Come to Mama, big boy"

Bwa ha ha !!


It's been a dull week around here. The weather has been cold ,rainy and windy.
I took the bus to Fareham on Wednesday and I saw some curtains for only 6 pounds. They would be perfect in our living room ,where my spouse chose to buy only ONE curtain panel.

(Lovely, no?)

The curtains were big and heavy and I still needed to get groceries on my way home. I left without buying the curtains.

Then I spent the next 2 days kicking myself.

I went back yesterday and they were still there. SCORE!

I should be down there hanging them right now .

I shall post a pic after I get off my laze and get it done.


They're a little too long so they must be shortened.

Which shall I use ,duct tape or staples?

(Homey don't know how to sew)

I also hate that ugly curtain pole.

I suppose our big weekend plan is the usual....a trip to the grocery store.

(alaso DONE!)

We do not have the "sports package" on our t.v. so no Superbowl for us either.

Have a great weekend Peeps!


Golden To Silver Val said...

I love you as a us pics of you as a dark haired curious. I thought I'd die laughing at your picture of the hefty Morticia. It really struck my funny bone....I think I just may have to print it out and frame it. Bwha hahaha....complete with your quote "come to mama, big boy". OMG...that's funny. (sorry, I was getting a visual).
Can't wait to see the new drapes.

Anonymous said...

I vote using duck tape..... Men, huh! Just got back from watching Will's basketball. Rachel is a cheerleader this year. He did good ---- he made the first 8 pts out of 12. they lost, though. cold, gotta build fire. later aj

Anonymous said...

Dude, cant you get it on the internet? i would think they would have it on the internet live somewhere? And yes, lets see you as a darkie. I vote for the duct tape. You can see staples. Just puttin my 2 cents in. Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

1. Read directions on box - says for dry hair.
2. Take box back, exchange for one that says wet the hair first.
3. Take box home and dye the hair.

Yes, let's have a pic of Madam Dracula with the raven hair with holidays. No need to show the holidays in the pic.

I vote for hemming tape. Works like an iron on patch, but in tape form. Just place it across the hem and hit it with a hot iron. The new curtains are really nice. Good job. Now go get a nice lookin curtain rod. G5

Anonymous said...

Super Bowl is not to be missed. Go to a sports bar and have a good time. I know it will be like midnight but that's even better. G5

lisa said...

You can use the iron-on stuff to crop your curtains.

Jamie said...

I like curtains that flutter on the floor, in fact I am going for that look on purpose! And i want to see the pic of you dark headed. Husbands are stupid, and that says it all. :)