Friday, January 29, 2010

Waiting is fun.....

Hi ya'll,

Well time flies doesn't it? Let me see what's happened around here? Thursday ,I was stuck here waiting for the plumber . It was actually 2 plumbers that showed up. O'reilly ran and hid on top of the refrigerator . Cavuto made it his duty to be their helper. I asked a couple times if he was bothering them, they said "No."

The older plumber had to leave to go get parts at one point ,I saw him leave wearing no coat .

Hmmm, what is he nuts?

Oh ,no that would be because there was Cavuto lying right inside the guys coat, on the floor.

My spouse arrived home from Helsinki with a man cold AND chapped lips to boot.

He is of the "complain about how sick and chapped , but God no! I'm not taking any medicine or wearing any of that greasy shit on my lips " school of thought.

One of my kids is like this too. It makes me want to smash their heads, 3 stooges style. It makes no sense and it drives a well person to the brink of the booby hatch!

Yesterday ,I got dropped off in Southampton .

It was extremely cold out and I had told hubby " Pick me up in about 3 hours."

At one point ,I went into the mall. Imagine the most crowded shopping day you've ever seen. Christmas or black Friday ,maybe? Well, this was the mall, yesterday. Just an ordinary Saturday.

It was literally like a mob moving en masse at some points.

(click the pics to see them full sized)

Shopping anyone?

I went to all the thrift shops and found zip except a few books. It had been 3 hours and 15 minutes. I call hubby.

"I've seen everything and I'm freezing to death ,ready to come get me?"

(it should take him about 20 minutes to get there)

I go sit at the bus stop and FREEZE and wait . and wait and wait .
About 20 minutes later .....ring ...ring..

" Hey how do you turn this oven back on? It shut itself off."

"You're STILL at home? " ( UGHHHHH!!!!)

"ok, I'm on my way now."

I prepare to freeze and wait for another 20 minutes, feel like crying but know that frozen tears and snot would only make me even more miserable.

I took out the camera and tried to kill time with some "fashion on the street" shots , naturally a few moments later my camera says "memory is full".

I may never leave the house again.

Without further it is .....fashions from the streets of Southampton.

Shop window right by my pickup spot.

That crowd of young kids in there left in a huge PINK stretch limo.

"we're too cool to wear coats"

This is a very typical look for here.

"I'm secretly a Popsicle"

3 generations of British fashionistas

"Help me! I'm freezing"

Old lady rockin' all the latest trends.


Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


Jamie said...

I cannot believe that Cavuto would get into a stranger's coat. My kitties RUN and hide when anyone they don't know comes in. This cracks me up. :) Did you get the video I sent you of the cat and the water? I thought you would appreciate it more than anyone...

Happy Sunday. Hope hubbie feels better so you can have a happy day.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! At least you know you can use the plumber again --- he's a nice man to leave his coat! aj

Smocha said...

Hey Jamie, yes I got the video. That was crazy! LOL
Cavuto is extremely friendly. He's never had a reason to be afraid of anyone, he's very happy and/or maybe he's just dumb. :)

AJ , yes I was pretty surprised the guy left his coat so as not to disturb the cat. lol
They installed 2 faucets, and recaulked the tub ...all with Cavuto right there in the middle of it all. I would have locked him up somewhere, but there was no place to lock him away. no closets and they were working in all 3 bathrooms.

Happy Sunday Ya'll!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or do all the Brit women on the street look like street walkers? Have to change the name of your cat to Ambassador Cavuto. G5

BREZZ said...

some of those younger girls look like averil lavigne-- at least to me.
btw-- she was a guest judge on american idol the other day-- don't guess you watched it-- but if you did? do you agree when i say-- she has not grown up !!! she acts the same as she did when i took my kid to her concert 8 YEARS ago !!
that's just sad.

the sick man pic looks like your own hubby-- that's funy-- hope he is feelin better-

you too-- what's with the comment you left the other day?
i''m gonna update soon-- you should teewww-

luv me

Golden To Silver Val said...

I love your "People on the street" pictures. Why is it you have to cart that rolling case with you again? That looks like it would be a big pain in the patootie. Cavuto is looking really good. Is he getting hips? LOLOLOLOLOL

BREZZ said...

would you update? the mall hell pic scares me :))

Anonymous said...

Hey! What happened to yesterdays? aj