Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun........

Some things I've learned since I've been in England:

A small house is a messy house.

It is possible to be both thin and flabby.

Do not buy a leather couch if you live in an igloo.

Electrical currents are NOT interchangeable .

Don't call an ambulance for a broken rib. It's NOT a heart attack.

The smaller the cat ,the more room they take up on a bed.

A hatred of laundry can grow ever deeper.

A house with no closets is an abomination.

Love is not enough to make sleeping enjoyable if the bed is too small.

The more it snows ,the longer it will be until you see the garbage man.

The phone will never ring unless you are on the toilet.

When you don't have a car, you will always run out of everything on the coldest ,windiest day.

If you want that long awaited package to arrive...already, skip shower, pile up hair like homeless woman,do not apply makeup, paint house all day ,then sleep in paint covered shirt.
Package will arrive via cute delivery man at the crack of dawn.

You know you want me...........
Bwa ha ha !!!!!


That package would be Christmas in a box from my sister.

WOO HOO!! It was like, well, Christmas :)

THANK YOU Dahlink!!!!!

The big red box is that Estee lauder makeup kit I was DYING for :)


What happens when a highly cat allergic brother moves to Florida to live with his brother and a very plush cat?

Plush cat (Insano)

Insano ...not so plush .

Happy humpday people!

Luv me


Golden To Silver Val said...

Ah yes...Estee IS to die for. Ahem...and I notice that the Mounds bar has been savagely ripped open and devoured.....and some of the sunflower seeds too. Ahhhh sweet and it, love it. Bwhahhahaha Sisters are the best, aren't they?

Wesley said...

Did you get the sunflower seeds that I sent?

Kim said...

Oh! Poor kitty! It's always their ego that's affected the most! :)

Anonymous said...

What is yor middle son's plans for Florida? 44 degrees. Heat wave!

Nocturnal Queen said...

Poor kitty. lol

Smocha said...

Ha! Val you are so obviously a mother ...with your eagle eye! Yes , I did immediately start snarfing the mounds bar and the sunflower seeds.

And ..EVERYONE...fear not, Insano is not the egotistical type cat.

He's very laid back and cool.

His I.D. tag reads "Captain Insano" (and contact info) on one side, on the other side it says “ask me about my rabies."

He is (and always has been) a bachelor’s cat. He’s used to his life being like a frat house.

All he really cares about is "when is it time to eat?"

My middle sons plan in Florida is to hopefully get a life sustaining job. And from there ,just spread his fabulousness throughout Jacksonville.

And Wes, YES! I did get the seeds you sent . They came while you were in Chicago. Apparently my Thanks got lost in my worry about you guys and the seed eating coma I was in.
I ate them all. With worry. yeah, that.

Thank you!!! They were salty wonderful!

Love me

Brad said...

I freakin love that little ball they left on the end of the cats tail. What? just to remind him of what he used to have?

Smocha said...

He's still the king of the jungle my brutha' ,that's all he needs to know :)

Karen said...

He looks like a real cool cat!

Anonymous said...

Funny, funny! You need to write a book - with a whole chapter about living in England, with pics of course. The pic of you - you look thin as a rail. Wow! Anymore and you would like one of those concentration camp people. Son with an allergy now living with a plush cat? Hmmm. Hope I don't read in this blog soon about the sudden, overnight disappearance of one plush cat. G5

Anonymous said...

Have you seen changing of the guards? If you wrote about it, I've slept since then and don't remember. Yes, you do look thin! How are you loosing it? diet or just walking alot? aj

YankeeNaija said...

I'm loving this blog. You are hilarious.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

who or what was that last comment ?? aj

me said...

wth happened in here?

tina said...

omg, they shaved the cat? that is hysterical! and always, always, always own a king size bed.....