Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beautiful AND brilliant!

Don't try this at home folks.

Picture it, yesterday after I painted the bathroom I noticed that I was having an exceptionally bad hair day.

I get the brilliant idea to use my US curling iron. We have a US extension cord....piece of cake ,right?

Ugh , wrong!

That thing was so hot, I heard the sizzle and saw the smoke as soon as I got my hair wrapped around it.

I could still smell the stench of burnt hair AFTER I washed it, this morning.

My husband said "Didn't you know that the UK has a different current? "

How would I know that ,THAT would turn a curling iron into a blow torch?

BTW , my husband returned home from Finland last night ,he'd been gone since Sunday. I'm in the kitchen ,cooking dinner when he comes in there to get a drink.

He looks at me for a few minutes (probably smelling the stench of my burnt hair)

"What's different about you? "

" umm, It's a horrible hair day."

"You look like you're eyes are sunk into your head or you've been crying or something ."

Well, as flattering as that is , I haven't been crying.

" Maybe the makeup you have on your eyes is too light, it contrasts too much with the pencil on the bottom of your eyes."

WTF? Who IS this ? and what has he done with my husband?

I actually was trying out a new eye shadow. (which will now be going in the garbage)

Excusssssse me.

Don't hate me for being so effin beautiful.


I had it in my ugly head that today I would be able to get dropped off in Fareham to shop and go to the library.

Well, our 6 inches of snow is now snow covered ice. We are stuck here. My spouse is working from home and we are out of all the basic necessities, like cigarettes, vodka and toilet paper.

Oh joy, we get to trudge through the snow to the grocery store. Have I mentioned how much I loathe winter?

Happy Thursday Peeps!


Anonymous said...

i just spewed orange crush on my computer thanks for that. and omg, he noticed that much about your eye makeup? wtf? is that about? i mean I could understand it if you had a nipple placed between your eyes which would warrant a man actually paying attention that area....

Mary said...

I think the whole world is covered with snow and ice - even here in Alabana. It may be warming at the poles but here in the real world it's COLD!!

Anonymous said...

cute.... we got sleet last night. 2day's high 20's, 2night 9 !!! aj
ps I've gone to brown hair. Takes getting use to since I've been a blond so long! Trying to get back to natural hair.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahaha! wow. pretty astute. see he REALLY was at Beauty school while gone and is planning on starring on his own show. With wes. Pretty funny show eh?
Love, Aud

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I have experienced the very same disaster...more than once I'm ashamed to say. I did buy a converter and thought that the curling iron would be safely plugged in there, and wouldn't burn....wrong. I finally ended up just buying a set of cheap curling irons and left them at my family homestead in Cheshire.
I tend to stay with the same eye makeup colors, for that same

Anonymous said...

Yep, electricity is different abroad. You must put this episode in your book and I am glad you still have hair. Course if it all burned off then you could get a wig. We didn't get the snow last night, praise the Lord! Tonight will be 12, tomorrow night down to 9. Whoever mentions global warming to me gets a punch in the mouth. G5

Anonymous said...

I got up about 300am and 6am to add wood to the fire. Both times it was our expected 10 degrees. Now it's 9 ! This 'global warming' is killing me! aj

SOUL: said...

sounds lovely-
hope today is better -

still no package? dammit.
i bet i don't have the receipt anymore-- no way to track it.
surely it will be there-- eventually.
a small pkg already got to australia over two weeks ago-- and a card to japan-- wtf?

i paid over 50 to ship it- and theres like 150 or more INSIDE!
i'm gonna be outraged if it's lost.

tell me immediately when it gets there.

one more thing to panic about-- just dandy-

love me

lisa said...

I am starting to feel your pain. Been stuck all week due to the arctic freeze in Missouri.

Anonymous said...

Are you dead ? Temp here is 7-10 at night, teens and twenties in the day! 2morrow should start warming up! aj

desert dirt diva said...

I am truly sorry for everyones freezing temp...and today the weather here is about 76..and a beautiful day..and people wonder why people love cali, if nothing else our great with that said.. we will proably have great floods major snow storms...ect... anyways and you said he never notices you ......That is just me

Sandy said...

You do know that blue eye shadow is against the law, right?

Yeah, our backyard looks like a glacier. But if I were out of vodka, I'd risk falling down to get it.

Vanessa Rogers said...

don't throw it in the trash. boys just take a while to get used to things..

bettyl said...

I never thought about a LOT of things being different if you move to another country until I ended up on New Zealand! I certainly can relate!