Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Damn spam!

Hi ya'll ,

I hate to do this ,but I've had to enable the stupid word verification because I am being overloaded with SPAM comments. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

I have nothing today, been cleaning and doing laundry all day and now it's time for my joyous walk to the store in the cold rain. Awesome!

Here is a pretty strange Uk commercial that is playing on tv here. Enjoy. lol

See if you remember what they're selling :)

A UK commercial :


Wesley said...

That's an Air song in the commercial. great song. weird commercial.

What does the prudeness of America say about us as a people? What kind of emotional scars and deep seated issues must we have that cause us to be so awkward around, ashamed of, and appalled by a little nudity?

It's just silly. Why don't we worry more about things that matter like the state of the union, and less about whether or not somebody is offended by an effing advertisement!?

Rant complete. :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Been there, done that. It works though. I only had to leave mine on for just a few days. Of course I fully expect that I will have to enable it again...and again...and again. Ever notice these spam ads mostly involve sex or the lack of? You're not gonna see chicken noodle soup advertised...not unless they've found a way to use it at certain types of parties. heh heh heh

Anonymous said...

Good to see the good old format back. Thanks. Wotta commercial! I think it was advertising some kind of potato chip. Beautiful bods. Yes, Wes, the American Puritan nature unfortunately equates nudity with sex whereas they are not necessarity connected. Smocha, I am going to come to your house so I can watch commercials on TV.

Jamie said...

That's a great commercial! Hmm..I think I want to come there and watch tv with G5. :)