Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to the usual routine.......

Hi ya'll,

Thank God this whole holiday season is almost over. The house is in shambles, the tree is in its box, (right in the middle of the living room) the leftovers have all been eaten and my spouse leaves today for Finland. (Back to work)

The Uk TV line-up has been even worse than usual, didn’t even think THAT was possible!

Yesterday my two oldest children drove from Chicago to Jacksonville in a ratty old truck. The last time I called to check on them they were just arriving at son 1's house, in Jax. They made it with only one blow out. (Thank you God)

We did absolutely nothing for New Years Eve. (Per usual) I did awaken at 3 A.M. to hear the kids’ next doors party still in full swing. Ah youth. I had to chuckle as I watched tired revellers stumble out of their house, in blankets, the next day.

The weather has been ice cold. It’s like a refrigerator in this house. Central heat, my ass!
My spouse, who grew up in Ohio and is not phased by cold weather, keeps saying "It was never this cold last year!."

I was dropped off in Fareham yesterday; I pulled my backpack thru the frozen crowds and went to all the thrift shops. All I found was a book and a long sweater, supposedly to wear with the oh so popular ...leggings. Unfortunately, I have a gut feeling that when I put on said outfit, I may just look like a sausage bursting from its casing.

I also treated myself to lunch at that famed British eatery, Burger King. There was a big black service dog sitting right next to me, howling the entire time I was there. I thought those dogs were better trained than that. Well, maybe she /he was IN training. I don't know. I kept wanting to offer the thing some fries or bread or something so it would shut up.

Anyhow, I was calling hubby to come get me by 3:15, it was starting to get dark and the temp had dropped to way beyond my "tolerate it" level.

Is it Spring yet?

I want to go to there.

Happy Sunday Peeps!


SOUL: said...

i hate the cold. it hurts me.
at least you got out among the living.
yes the dog may have been in training. they have to get them around people-- a lot-- so they learn to NOT behave that way.

anyhow-- still no word on your pkg... has it arrived? sure is takin a long time.

happy sunday (?)
luv me

Anonymous said...

2 kids drove to Jksnvlle? Did #1 fly to chicgo and He and #2 drive? Does #2 live there? answers, girl! 23 degrees now at 850am. brrr aj

Vicki said...

man I am frezzing at 55 degrees here but its been in the 20`s at night ugh...glad 1 and 2 made it home safe..whos truck were they me!

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and look like a sausage At least you will be warm. Those Brits dress that way for a reason. It's cold. Going down to 10 here tonight so tomorrow we're gettin outta Nashville and going home, where it is 10 degrees warmer. Hot Springs to go to 21 tomorrow night and 19 Tuesday night Gahhhh!! I despise cold weather. G5

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

10am and it's just 22 degrees! AND snowing! aj

Anonymous said...

referring to your neighbors leaving the next morning: I believe that's called the 'walk of shame'....