Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy new years my peeps!

Happy New Years Eve!

I should have some profound year end post going on here....but nooooo.

I thought about doing the "recap of the last decade" as some bloggers have. But frankly I can not remember when, during the decade, the events happened.

I think the young kids next door are about to have a party.

What are WE doing? Well about 11:30 today my spouse dropped me off in Southampton. It was freezing cold, half the thrift stores were closed and by 2:00 I was calling him to come get me. Everything will be closed for the next 2 days. We'll be trapped in this house. Thank God I have fresh library books.

As for tonight? We shall be eating leftover pot roast and watching lame ass t.v. shows. Why is it that I feel as if we're missing out on something? It's not like we EVER do (or have done) anything on New Years Eve.

Oh there was that one year we were in Ohio with my husbands siblings and their spouses, we tried to go out to dinner at this place called 94th Aero squadron. The place was packed, the staff was half missing, people were waiting so long to eat, they were ordering pizzas to be delivered to them. Before we even had our order taken, we were all half crocked and fighting amongst ourselves. I had also offered to start taking peoples orders for tips.

I think a few of us smoked (besides ME) and eventually we started smoking right where we sat. Some one told us” this is not the smoking section." (We were the ONLY people in the section because it was actually the freezing cold section) I told them “it IS NOW!"

Ok, that was hell.

Then we partied with the neighbors (at home) that one time. That was fun, but I'm sure we didn't stay up until midnight.

Maybe a few times ,we sat around with the kids and played Balderdash or Scrabble. That’s always a blast.

Ok, I just miss what I don't have. Maybe I also wish I had a reason to get dressed up. I look like crap every day. My husband wears a suit every day.

BRB...must go check my pot roast.......

Ok..where was I ? I guess I need to face the fact that I haven't gone out on New Years Eve since Jesus was a baby.

So let me see ,here's some stuff that happened in the last decade. (in no particular order) :

I went to : Chicago, Sweden, Florida, Texas, Washington, California, Arkansas, Ohio and England.

I camped in a yurt, a tent and a tree house .I spent the night at a "big cat preserve”, went to Disney world, and taught myself how to drive a boat.

My hair was short, extremely long, blond, brown, a mixture of both and became sort of curly after 40 some years of being straight as a stick.
I got braces (finally!) as an old woman. BTW, after I did did 3 or 4 people in my office and they were in their 50's and 60's! I made old and nerdy COOL :)

Some swingers tried to pick up my husband and I , we saw nude swingers on the lake , in Arkansas ! A 19 year old kid hit on me. Geriatric geezers hit on me. I became invisible to men my own age. I gained a lot more wrinkles ,laughing my ass off with my kids and my girlfriends.

My kids grew up and moved out. I had to adjust to empty nest syndrome. It was pretty tough for the first 2 years. I became comfortable talking to myself and cats (a lot) :)

I had to fly to California to rescue my mother when the police called me and said " You're mother has Alzheimer’s and we have put her up for the week. What do you want to do with her?"

I had to make hard choices about the child she left behind.

I had to put my mother in a nursing home. I had to make the decision to NOT give my mother a feeding tube. I had to feel the wrath and blame of people who did not agree with my decisions, and again, when I was not there the moment she died, at 65.

I have seen that child grow up and become a mother.

I was shocked several times by other people’s behavior. I grew, I matured, I dealt with and worked on my personal issues and phobias, I learned to like myself more. I learned to eat in restaurants all by myself .I gained and lost and regained about a thousand pounds. I quit smoking twice for "long periods of time" once for 7 months, once for 4 months. I learned (finally) to cut toxic people OUT of my life. Life is too damn short.

My best friend had 3 daughters, got married and became a grandma. She and I spent many wonderful times together even though we live so FAR apart.

I also made many beautiful NEW friends...Hazel, Jeri, Jane, Eva (and of course Nick and G5).

My friend Heidi and I both had hysterectomies. Then I saw her adopt her awesome little girl, Emma from China. She got married too, after I signed her up on match .dom. (We cackled our butts off at my office while we made her profile)

I have seen nearly all my friends become grandmas.

I have seen my sons grow from boys to men , they are my pride and joy! I saw my baby boy get married to a girl we love. I have learned to try and not be so hysterical when they do dangerous things like wakeboarding, snoboarding, riding a bike, driving, crossing the street.

I have seen my husband work all over the world. I have learned to live aIone,I have learned to be less afraid, and to do man chores.

I have seen him work a zillion hours , flip through a zillion channels, watch a zillion old movies, news shows and (lousy) super hero movies.

I am still proud of him ,too in spite of all that annoying stuff :)

We have been together 12 years (I think) lol

I have fought and made up with my children,my husband ,my sister and my brother in law.

We have drank barrels of vodka, smoked billions of cigarettes, had millions of laughs ,thousands of heart aches, busshels of doubts and insecurtities, but in the end I can always see that God has been in charge and present in, not just OUR life ,but the lives of everyone we love.

*CHEERS my people! To an even more fabulous 2010!*

I love you guys!'s bed time for this old lady :)


Anonymous said...

you went to Boston w/Kathy.... Happy New Year! aj

Foster said...

Well, did you make any money on tips when you were taking people's orders. You usually have to deliver the orders to get tipe. Don't forget that you got married by Judge David Someone in Harlingen, Texas on one of your short periods out of the pool. Hope you all have a Happy and Prosperous New Year. And since your now living in England you should probably switch to GIN instead of VODKA. It's probably cheaper there.

Love to Both, Foster

Golden To Silver Val said...

You are one awesome lady and I wish I was your age and your neighbor. We could be good friends! Keep on keepin' on....... and my wish for you is that you're able to find whatever makes you happy and keep it close to you. Cheers!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I have laughed so hard at this post, it has truly MADE my New Year !
You are a funny lady, I'm glad I call you a bloggy friend.
Wishing you a wonderful New Year, and here's to more visits in 2010 !

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you both. It is cold as heck here in Schaumburg...Indigo's poop is frozen in the snow after the steam you know who is writing this. Thanks for remembering my hysterectomy and the other highlights. I believe I was at the 94th Aero squadron once with you'all and it was not a pretty picture. Your lovely husband is a comedy show by himself with a few drinks...really is a nice memory and was a lot of laughs! Be safe, healthy and enjoy 2010! (we got the card!)

Wesley said...

Hey Mom,
Happy New Year! It has been a pretty great decade. When I get home, I'll think about and compile the highlights. Getting ready for a long car ride! Blargh.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! from Nashville, TN. Nosey figures it is cheaper to drive and deliver Christmas presents to the grandkids than take them to the post office. Not! New Year's eve we watched football on TV - Chick filet bowl - Tenn vs VTech. Then we had champagne at 10:30 because they go to bed early. I stayed up to see the real New Year come in and finished the bottle. Waste not want not. You need to write a book. What a life you have led. Next 10 yrs will see lots of little grand children come into your life. G5

SOUL: said...

hmmmm... what a ride eh?
nice post-
hope y'all have a great 2010
love you

BPOTW said...

Some parts are best left unremembered. But we can look forward to another decade of great memories!

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful...Thank-you.

myomyohi said...

Loved the post. I hope 2010 brings you more happiness than sadness, more unexpected moments of discovery than boredom, new friends, and wonderful memories. My new year started out less than great, but I'm hopeful it will be a good year. We love you.

desert dirt diva said...

yes I am proud to have you as my best closest friend...we have had many good times both good...mostly good and bad times you have been threw so much with me..loved the yurt tree house`rent a camp and all our other adventures...I must say we rock as friends..hope the next ten years plus bring us many more joyous times!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

This was an interesting post to read. I haven't tried to sum up my last 10 years, but for some reason reading this makes me want to think it through, so thanks!