Sunday, December 27, 2009

3-D but still too dumb for me.....

Hi Ya'll,

Last night we went and saw the movie Avatar.
Normally, the very idea of this type of movie makes me cringe. I read a ton of reviews from regular people, not frekin movie critics,I never trust THOSE guys. Everyone said how "awesome, fabulous, amazing etc..." it was.

Well, I thought it was OK. But I'm just NOT a fantasy type person. So you may love it.

It was 3-d and the last time I saw a 3-d movie was probably 20 years ago and the glasses looked like this.

Last night ,they were like this. Really cheap ray Bans come to mind.

If you see the movie ,let me know what ya think ok?


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Anonymous Recently on your blog I ran across a picture of his brotherinlaw in your boat. Shirtless, that is one skinny man! slap my face! 26 degrees, brrr aj

LOL yes, he IS one skinny man. Always has been .He has metabolism like rocket fuel.

anyhow-- you didn't show your prezzies??? whadya git????
we wanna see.

We didn’t get much….we’re Po’ this year.

Let me see: I got some perfume, some Molten Brown bath stuff, 2 pairs of ear muff head phones and some makeup.

He got : driving test books, band of brothers dvd’s ,star trek and x men dvd’s ,a robe ,an ice scraper and a bank.

(Thanks WES!)


PS, take your camera out and get some cool pics of the city and make another video.

I shall when it’s not freezing ass cold :)

Loved your video! You look great, by the way! Was that peach cobbler? It looked great, too!

Thanks. (Wish I felt the same) LOL Yes, that was peach cobbler. The easy, southern version. We normally do the frozen pie route, but you can not buy such things here. The cobbler was yummy even though I usually add some apple or pumpkin pie spice and didn’t have that here. Just a little cinnamon had to suffice.


Great video! Could even see the nhappy hour shot. We now are at older daughyers in Ft Worth. For Christmas at toungerb daus we bought a nice standing rib roast and had to cook it in a fry pan as dau didnt have a roasting pan. It was cooked perfectly only to find out that dau nd kids don't like medium rare. So we cut off our 2 perfect pieces and put the roast back to cremate it enuf to their liking. Be back home tomorrow. Unit H3 was broken into Christmas eve and 2 TVs were taken and furn tossed about. Praying that our unit will be OK, G5

Thanks G5 . Yikes ! Hope all of our units are OK. Let me know.

We just got back Bo's sister in Texas wrote at 4p they had 4-5 inches of snow and it was still coming down. We may get some after midnight. Hope not! I heard Chicago has snow, sleet and ice! Merry Christmas aj

Soul had a white Christmas in Texas. I shall post a pic of wacky Wes out in the snow in his undies.

Gifts are wrapped and waiting for the little ones to invade tomorrow afternoon. Hubby safely tucked in bed sleeping. I'm waiting for dough to rise for my home made cinn rolls. Wish you could be here to sample the first pan out.

Ooh! Mary, I wish I was there to eat it too! I have never had the patience to try making those.

Here at daughter's in Austin - it snowed briefly at 4 pm. Grandson Preston age 12 said he was going to bed at 9 so he could get up at 5 to see what santa brought. And i want to take pics. Gahhhhh!! 5 am. Merry Christmas to Smocha, hub and cat babies. G5

Ha! Did you have to get up at 5? We used to always be up that early, if not earlier)

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Here in Michigan its raining. Dark, dreary, windy and raining. It had been sleeting earlier but its 34 degrees now, so its changed to rain. I'm glad we haven't gotten that mess that's in the midwest right now....its just more horrible than you can imagine. So be safe, be warm and be happy. Make some fond memories.

Val, it was cold ,dark and dreary here too. Which is the norm . bleah!

Good heavens, I have the same problems....the seam in my huge pants gets bunched up under me....and the damned cats. Oh the damned has to be in the crook of my arm. Even if I don't want a crook in my arms...:)

The other, lays across my stomach, but only if I am on my side. Which means, I must SLEEP to please them now. GAH.

I know how stupid it sounds...but at two am, I'll do just about anything to make them quit pawing at me. At least they don't have claws...

I think you’re right, the pj’s being way too big IS part of the problem. Then add the 30 pounds of cats on the seams ….no wonder it hurts! LOL


I'm the witch, I put the cat in the laundry room at night so I can sleep. Otherwise, I'm sandwiched between hubby and the cat, and I wake up tired and bitchy.

Dang , you ARE a witch! LOL

Everyone's food sounds delisious. I'm surprised at what a variety there was. :)


Ok , we're off for the days big shopping. WOO HOO!!

P.S. update your blogs! I'm bored!!!

Happy Sunday peeps!


Anonymous said...

They keep putting and taking out snow in our forecast. Now it's back in for tuesday and wednesday. Hopefully they'll remove it before. Your next door neighbors are checking your unit? Too late now, but in the future, maybe she could put xmas lights and or decorations front and back. Do you have any lamps on timers? Mrs K's daughter gave me a big sack of gifts. One was a tight fitting, pink and black reversable hat. $30 price still on, icatoner. A friend lost her hair from cancer. Gonna run it out to her. She'd get more use out of it. Tomorrow gonna start removing xmas decor. aj

Conehead's Crapfest said...

we went and saw avatar...loved it...conehead...and it is snowing and cold here in england can not be that bad.

Nocturnal Queen said...

Avatar doesn't look like my kind of movie either, but I'll probably rent it when it comes out on Blu-Ray.

Love Band of Brothers. I watch it once or twice a year.

SOUL: said...

i had to skip everything that mentioned avatar-- it's the next movie on our list.
i owe one to hubby-- and that would be the one. i don't think it's gonna be all that bad. we will see it at IMAX- 3d as well. i don't even remember the last imax movie i watched. so just that part might override the rest if it happens to be crappy for me.

anyhow-- ya gona gift me the camera -- are ya? huh? huh?
i'm planning to buy a battery and some film, today to see if i even like how it works-- or if it works.
but-- just so ya know-- it costed 50 bucks just to mail your package. so it's half paid for -- hint hint. :))
i know -- i'm a terrible person.

oh-- ps-- tell hubby that one of the two in his thing-- isn't broken-- he'll figure it out.

ummm.... i saw wes's pic in the snow-- he cracks me up!!!
i love those boys. we were wishin we could afford to send them all out here-- but even one ticket would be rough-- now there's four. geesh. there's just so many of them!

hmm.. spose i'm done with this one-- moovin on.
luv me

SOUL: said...

oh ps-- that band of brothers series is awesome-- i think you will like it too. give it a chance-- we've watched it a few times over the last few years.
(we have the dvd's teeewww)