Sunday, December 6, 2009

My decor is divine.....errr...NOT!

Hi ya'll,

Our damn bed is too small. Every night is a hellish misery of waking up every hour, tossing, turning and flipping cats like pancakes.

Some commercial had me make the comment " I can actually fit on a crib mattress."

My spouse goes "Good, let's get you one and put it in the other bedroom."

Why oh WHY didn't we buy the biggest bed England has to offer?

For Sale or trade : Nearly new divan bed with 4 drawers. Supposedly queen sized.


Our couch.....too damn big. It takes up the entire living room.

For sale or trade : nearly new brown leather sofa with recliners on each end.

(not our actual couch the living room is too messy)


Yesterday was the day I have been impatiently waiting for. What day, you ask?

The day they finally delivered our table and chairs. Woot!

Little did I know that it would take hubby the rest of the day to assemble them . Nor did I know we would be left with two huge bags of broken Styrofoam and an entire bin of cut up cardboard boxes.

All day I had visions of getting the table all decorated in a Christmas-y fashion.

Such as this.

Imagine my scream of horror ,when before I had time to blink I see THIS!

Oh NO he didn't!

Save me!


I woke up this morning thinking about some things I really miss from home.

My Gain. Oh I miss you so!

My laundry just doesn't smell fresh here :(

Isn't it bad enough that it has to be all dry and stiff?

My beloved Mexican food....

words can not convey how much I miss you.

My sunflower seeds.

I miss your salty goodness :(

Little coco nutty balls of wonder. I miss you too.

Note to self: Shut up. Don't think about those things.

Happy Sunday Peeps! Luv me


Nocturnal Queen said...

I'm glad you got your table. But oh my goodness!! that he took over it like that. You might have to knock some sense into him. Men. *rolling my eyes*


Jamie said...

It never occured to me that living in the place you do would would be such a difference. Seriously.. but I don't get around much. :)

The M&M's would make a great care pkg --- along with the sunflower seeds. I don't think the Mex food would be too great by the time it arrived.

I love your new table and the couch, even if it is too big. Do I see twin beds in your future? Hmmm...hard to believe all the basic differences.

Have a great day. Hugs, friend. :)

SOUL: said...

i JUST posted -- now go read it -- and talk to me i'm lonely :))

ok, now i have to read this -
love me

SOUL: said...

don't worry-- be happy.
ahhh shaddup. someone out here loves you enough to send the very best.

his name is santa.

bwa hahahahaha
love me

desert dirt diva said...

ok i cant belive he hogged that table.. at least you got that runner thing going on......maybe santa will send you your ungodly seeds!!!!suck pop spit...such an annoying sound......we will just have to see.....

Anonymous said...

Seems that in a developed, advanced country like U.K. one should be able to find sunflower seeds, M and M's and even a Mexican food place. ?? Just gotta look. Very nice table. Tell hub that a laptop belongs on the lap. That is why it is called a laptop. G5

lisa said...

put alot of decor on the table and not leave any room for his work stuff. Looks great tho! Did you try ebay or craigslist? You might be able to sell your stuff

I was appalled my the mexican food kits sold in scotland. It was always marked 'food from the americas'. I tried to make some salsa but the cilantro I found in the UK didn't taste right. I craved even taco bell!!

Coconut m&m's we don't have them in the midwest!

myomyohi said...

Tell hubby you need a bigger apartment. He's a workaholic and rarely there, so it works for him...

Brad said...

But hey! If you got your heart set on some limp white fish and greasy potatoes, they got ya covered!

Hi ya baby - tis me - monday=bitchy people day=grouchy me - email me when your online long enough to chat -

Anonymous said...

Where do you find those litte CoCo Balls of Wonder, Every store I went to this past Summer and Beyond said they never heard of 'Em,

desert dirt diva said...

I'm hearing ya karen... its a southern thing, i believe...

Anonymous said...

in arkansas walmart has them.

Anonymous said...

Have you died from boredom? aj

Jamie said...

I will say a prayer about Monkey. It will be fine...but I seriously know how you feel. Hang in. She can always come back. Hugs, friend. :)