Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas eve...again....

Hi ya'll ,

ok this time I really mean it , Merry Christmas eve !

I sure am curious what everyone is doing this evening. We will be doing uhh nothing. We just went to the grocery store . Everything will be closed here until Sunday.We were going to go out to eat dinner. But decided to wait a couple days.

My computer was broken all day. It kept saying "system is shutting down" . It took hubs all day to fix it , he said it was "user error and was full of viruses." I didn't do anything. Just like I didn't change the font just then either, these machines have minds of their own!

My eldest should be in Chicago by now to spend Christmas with his brothers. We are a pretty sad pair here. We have a few presents under the tree. We HAVE a tree. One of the presents is just wadded up in a shower curtain. (my spous's idea of wrapping) lol

He used to pay the kids to wrap stuff for him.

Here is the story we need to remember.

The Nativity:

Breath of Heaven:

Mary did you know? :

I hope all of you have a wonderful evening !

Luv me


audrod777 said...

Merry Freakin Christmas already!!!

Anonymous said...

We just got back from Little Rock. We went to 3pm Christmas program with Jennifer and kids at their church, then back to Jennifer's for "lunner". We then exchanged gifts. Chris is supposed to bring kids saturday. (We get to buy double gifts for the kids!) Bo's sister in Texas wrote at 4p they had 4-5 inches of snow and it was still coming down. We may get some after midnight. Hope not! I heard Chicago has snow, sleet and ice! Bo smoke a huge, whole Bryan ham so we could take to his therpy office, brought some for today and just half is gone! 2morrow it goes in the freezer! Merry Christmas aj

Mary said...

Gifts are wrapped and waiting for the little ones to invade tomorrow afternoon. Hubby safely tucked in bed sleeping. I'm waiting for dough to rise for my home made cinn rolls. Wish you could be here to sample the first pan out.

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Here at daughter's in Austin - it snowed briefly at 4 pm. Grandson Preston age 12 said he was going to bed at 9 so he could get up at 5 to see what santa brought. And i want to take pics. Gahhhhh!! 5 am. Merry Christmas to Smocha, hub and cat babies. G5

Golden To Silver Val said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Here in Michigan its raining. Dark, dreary, windy and raining. It had been sleeting earlier but its 34 degrees now, so its changed to rain. I'm glad we haven't gotten that mess that's in the midwest right now....its just more horrible than you can imagine. So be safe, be warm and be happy. Make some fond memories.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! What did Santa bring you? 1030am-- 29 degrees. brrr aj

SOUL: said...

merry christmas to both of you-- i do hope it's happier than expected !?
pix? where are they? what did santa bring?
we had our share of kidless christmases-- they are not as bad as you thought-- are they?
all ya need is love -- :))

i love you--
have a happy day-
love the soul clan :))