Saturday, December 19, 2009

The view from the bus......

Hi ya'll,

The other day when my bus picked me up it just happened to be one of the double Decker's ,I was the only person upstairs so I took some pictures. Here are the sights I see on my bus journey.

(click the pics to see them full size)

Inside the bus . I think only London had the red buses.

Notice how narrow the houses are.

Electrician freezing to death. This was a girl.

The scary branches ....mere inches from the bus.

Mini horses.

Most of the horses have those little coats on.

Titchfield mill. The pub we have been to a couple times.

Someones front yard. Pink house .

Note that the front yard is mostly bricks. They're not too big on lawns here. The majority of front yards are bricks, rocks or dirt.

A random street on the way to Fareham.

A single family house.

The pedestrian street in Fareham. Look how busy and crowded it is, even though it was extremely freezing cold out.

The day I took those pictures it started snowing on my way home ,I mean my mile walk home from the bus stop.

This is our inch of snow the next morning.

My hubby's flight home from Spain was delayed ,last night due to this blizzard.

Happy Saturday peeps!


SOUL: said...

hubby won't be traveling for christmas- will he?
i'm gonna attempt to mail yo package today. no tellin when it will arrive-- don't open til christmas :))

Jamie said...

Love the pictures. Some day I hope to see it all for myself. Have a good week Smocha. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures! I know I'll never go since, even though I'm a witch, I don't fly! Love brick yard, pink house, all of it. Keep taking pictures! I read Myra woke up to now on facebook. e

Anonymous said...

I've only been to England once, but your pictures make me long to go again! Where you live looks like a pretty place. Please keep taking pictures.

desert dirt diva said...

Oh my gosh the pictures were great....I love the house that looked split!well since you are so busy you dont call anymore and i cant get your dang phone no to work ..I was glad to read your doing good...glad your hubby will be home for the holidays! how is monkey ? ok well great pictures!