Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy boxing day!

Ola Peeps,

Hope you all had a great Christmas.

Ours was just lovely in spite of us being all alone. We had a few kitchen glitches such as the roasting pan was too big for the oven, we had a pan shortage, we had a counter space shortage, the oven was so small that we had to cook the turkey and then cook the sides after the turkey came out andddd after all the whining I did about wanting a table and chairs, we didn’t even eat at the table. A couple days ago hubby leaned back in one of our cheap chairs and broke it.

Our food turned out fabulous (as usual) lol

We opened our few presents, we sat around watching Dick van Dyke dvd’s ,we cooked all day , we happy houred,I talked to my chilluns ,he spoke to his siblings ,(the phone died before I could call mine) we ate ,we watched more tv and finally went to bed about 10.

Then hubby decides to flip thru the channels (as per usual) ,right before I went insane he stopped on “The ten commandments” you know , the 5 hour movie? He is snoring up a storm about 10 minutes later, I ,on the other hand was up until 3 A.M. watching the entire movie..

Christmas 09 : The smochas

I'll be glad to get out of this house again. Today is boxing day here, so we won't be going anywhere today either.

happy Saturday all!


Anonymous said...

I cooked a standing bone in pork roast with pork dressing. It was delicious and very little leftovers after 2 meals. Recently on your blog I ran across a picture of his brotherinlaw in your boat. Shirtless, that is one skinny man! slap my face! 26 degrees, brrr aj

SOUL: said...

i love the video-- don't you LOVE how much easier it's gotten???
i sure DO.

y'all look a little lonely-- but also like you had a better day than you expected-- i'm happy for that :))
and happy you talked to your boys.

i wondered why you didn't call me- now i know..but-- did you know - you can call on the phone while it is plugged in? oh-- not a cell? nevermind. :))

anyhow-- you didn't show your prezzies??? whadya git????
we wanna see.

i love you-- your stuff from us should be there by your birthday :))

Anonymous said...

Love your Video,

Hope yall had a good day.

Love Stezz

PS, take your camera out and get some cool pics of the city and make another video.

Anonymous said...

Loved your video! You look great, by the way! Was that peach cobbler? It looked great, too! Happy Boxing Day and Happy New Year, Smocha!

Anonymous said...

Great video! Could even see the nhappy hour shot. We now are at older daughyers in Ft Worth. For Christmas at toungerb daus we bought a nice standing rib roast and had to cook it in a fry pan as dau didnt have a roasting pan. It was cooked perfectly only to find out that dau nd kids don't like medium rare. So we cut off our 2 perfect pieces and put the roast back to cremate it enuf to their liking. Be back home tomorrow. Unit H3 was broken into Christmas eve and 2 TVs were taken and furn tossed about. Praying that our unit will be OK, G5