Wednesday, December 2, 2009

OMG! why do you look like THAT?

Ola ya'll,

I SOOOO have nuthin' .

The other day my spouse and I were in the car ,he was driving , I was hanging on to the door handle (like that would save my life) and I tired to act normal (like I wasn't on the verge of death at every second) I was trying to be all non challant,right, so I say "I'm having a hair crisis."

My husband turns away from the wheel and looks at me with rapt attention.... (yeah right) lol

NO, my husband scoffs and says "Don't you have one of those about every other month?"

Ummm scoff if he must...I never even finished my crisis story.

This hideous limescale ridden water was making my hair look just like THIS.

Orange hair....with dark roots, if that ain't a f'n hair crisis ...I don't know what IS!

(and BTW, if had her money , I would NEVER look like that!)

Ummm, NOOO , if he ever actually looked at me , he would know that I have one about every YEAR or so.

His motto is " Leave the shit alone !"


People that do look at me. Remember when I "left the shit alone" for about 2 years? It was brown and about 2 feet long?"

He never said diddly squat , is it good? is it hideous?
I never had a clue.

It was fine, as long as only strangers saw me. When my "loved ones " saw me .....they had darling things to say like "OMG! Why do you look like THAT?" "OMG! you look so much better as a blond." "I like you better with blond hair."

(That last was from my husband ,once when we first met ,and once in 2004 ,when I went to Sweden)
My sister should recognize HER comment. :)

Why can't I just be "good enough" , as the ugly thing that God meant me to be?

I'm back, in all my ugly glory baby!

Let's see if my dahlink notices when he gets home Friday.

(I have MORE to say about ....but I'll spare you, for NOW)

You're welcome. lol


Apparently I've been a little too sarcastic lately because some people think I'm in an awful state.

Sorry guys. (I got that from my dad) But really, I'm fine. Well, as good as I can be .
I've gotten a routine ...sorta,
Hubby and I have gotten used to living in the same house again.

It actually takes me longer to do the chores in this cracker box than it does at home. (and I'm not bitching about THAT....that's my job)

So, yeah, I don't know anybody yet, but I 'm ok. Really. (Thank God for Effexor) lol

Even if we were at home...this IS the boring season.It's really just missing happy hours and lunches with my girlfriends.

If I get BAD ...everyone will know...Y'all know I can't keep my yap shut.


Several peeps have asked about Monkey.

Well, there's where we go downhill. :(

Her AND Cavuto have been on these pills , for a 2 week period. This was supposed to calm them BOTH down enough to get used to each other again.

That ain't happening. Monkey is still licking her stomach bald, growling and hissing at not just Cavuto, but O'reilly as well .She looks so skinny , I have to lock her in the bathroom to try and make sure she eats. I'm not sure she does even then.

The worst part is, my husband has spent a fortune to try and fix this situation...the vet, pills for TWO cats , the stupid air freshener pheromone thing.......

and he hasn't been here to see the lack of solutions.

I'm going to have to try and see if the lady can come over this weekend and "meet Monkey"
I can't let her( Monkey) go on like this.

The other day ,Cavuto attacked her and ripped a bunch of her hair out. (Again) It's not like he does it on purpose. She will sit there and growl and hiss at him for 5 minutes, (he has no idea why) and then he'll just fling himself at her ,kick her with his claws and her fur is flying EVERYWHERE ,so does O'Reilly. Her defensiveness makes THEM aggressive towards her.

Say a prayer ......

Luv me


Wesley said...

Um... that's what I try and tell Kim about her dumb cat!

Pudding is way overly defensive and always instigating Insano until he attacks.

Insano just wants to be buddies... Pudding is always talking crap and eventually Insano gives him a reason to growl and hiss! haha

Anonymous said...

Is that your long, shinny auburn hair? Beautiful! I THINK I'm through xmas shopping. Kathy is going to Alaska thru Christmas, then she and Mike are going to California for 2 MONTHS! Snowed today in Texarkana and northern Little Rock. 41 degrees then so it didn't stick. Rained all day, still. It's dropping now 37, low 30's expected. I HATE this weather! aj

Smocha said...

LOL , you'd hate it alot more if you had to break out the scarf,gloves,earmuffs,umbrella,winter coat and backpack to WALK to the store.:)

Count yer blessings people:)

Anonymous said...


I'm reinadeluz from over on UK-Yankee :-) I saw your blog when you linked it to talk about your troubles with Monkey and Cavuto.

I know you are having a really hard time - I was just wondering if by any chance you can manage to get Monkey her own personal room for a while? While the pills are supposed to relieve some anxiety, they aren't a solution for the environmental problems...The kitties need time to get used to the idea that they are sharing space, and sometimes in order to do that you have to let them reintroduce veeeery slowly. Monkey and Cavuto (if its possible) shouldn't have any chance of fighting or being in the same room if it is still causing problems.

That's my two cents anyway! If you can, I would separate them so that they are not around each other *at all* for a few weeks, and just share blankets between them so they can get used to each others scents slowly but surely. The next step after that would be leaving the door open an inch, so that if they interested they can sniff each other through the crack for a while. It is a very slow, aching process but it might just help. I hope everything works out for you!

Brad said...

Well that was a whole lotta cavetching for having nothing to say. I'm brain dead tonight.

good advice above. could monkey live in your bedroom?

lisa said...

I love getting my hair cut in britian. Alot of the places treat u sooo posh. Maybe u can get this for xmas.... It will be win-win. You will be smokin hot and he will enjoy that!!!

Anonymous said...

Get it cut and go blond. Don't worry about what hub thinks or not thinks about it - do it for yourself. My 2 cents is that Monkey is miserable in your house. She needs to go with that lady if the lady appears half way decent. And Monkey needs to be the sole pet - no other pets. She will be happier and have her very own kingdom. It is for her own good. G5

Jamie said...

I'm sad about your problem with your kitties. I think probably having her own place with someone new would be best, but I know that will be heartbreaking for you. It will work out, and I know you will think of what's best for Monkey.

You are beautiful no matter what you do.

Have a good day, and hugs!

Anonymous said...

It's a mystry why after all these years she's acting that bad. She was ok with scott and cavuto? aj

SOUL: said...

i just went blank... i should never read comments before writing my own. it makes me forget the POST i planned on commenting about.
hmmmm. senility. it's my friend.

anyhow-- don't know what to say about your kitties-- but i hear ya on the havoc they wreak. you do want what's best for monkey. even tho it will be hard for y'all -- she needs a normal- only child- life, me thinks.

welp-- believe it or not-- i aint ignorin you dahlink -- i'm tryin my damndest to be in the spirit-- i been busy-- decoratin, shoppin, gettin addresses in order cards....
you should be proud.
no scroogy soul this year. nosiree.

love you

ps-- i been whinin about my hair for months here too-- all i get is-- go get a haircut and i'll do it---
umm, scuze me---- what part of neck issues do you not understand? hmmmm. men. just love em. right?