Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is it live or is it memorex? & a P.S.

Ola ya'll,

I've been trying to update this thing all day. I got as far as putting some pictures up (and was going to make it a wordless Wednesday) but today was also "stay home and do laundry day" which took all frekin day long.
By the time I did 3 loads of laundry , cleaned the house and wrapped my own presents ,I just had enough time to walk to the store before it got dark.

Yes, the life of a pioneer is hard and exhausting.

I was not exaggerating there :)

Yesterday my spouse called me at 8 something in the morning and it was still pitch black out. he goes "I was just calling to wake you up."

"Oh, at the crack of dawn? "

"It's not the crack of dawn."

Pitch black to me = crack of dawn.

Then I step on the floor in my socks and step in the glass of water that Cavuto has knocked on the floor. He KNOWS when it's the crack of dawn and that's when he starts trying to wake me up. Pitch black or not.

Cavuto is a relentless alarm clock. He will first come up to me and talk some Chinese mow mow's in my face ,usually I hear this but am able to ignore it. Next up he does the swipe the paw thru my face ....repeatedly ....while doing the wow wows. If I try to cover my face with my arm he will dig under my arm until he can run his cat litter paws and claws all over my mouth. Sometimes ,if that doesn't work he will grab my shirt and start yanking it right about the shoulder area. If that doesn't work ,he will sometimes grab my engagement ring with his teeth and yank on that. If I still manage to ignore him he will then go my nightstand and start knocking things over/off , the more liquid the better. He knows that I will instantly get up when I hear liquid hitting the floor.

(The above cartoon is a solution I dreamed up in 2007 , I still haven't tried it)

I got my 2nd Christmas card in the mail today , it contained a pic of my niece Soulkid.
Holy crap! I mean I know the girl is gorgeous, but am I wrong ,or does she not look just like my youngest son,Logan???

Beautiful Soulkid

Beautiful Logan

Is it Souldkid? or is it Logan? YOU tell me :)

Whichever kid it is , was too young to wear makeup at the time that pic was taken .so now guess.

(I did not do that stupid underlining) ignore it. Gah!!!

Oh, I was wrong. We got 3 cards. This one (note the size of it ,compared to my cell phone! ) was poked thru our mail slot at 8:30 a.m. in a little tiny red envelope ,no stamp, just the word Skatzi, my husband!

I was barely out of bed and thinking " Oh ,what do we have here?"

It was from our old lady cat sitter. LOL (the one who came when he traveled and I was at home)

Yes, why yes ,I am crazy.

This house is such a cracker box. It magnifies every one's annoying habits .

Well, maybe not even habits....your mere existence.

Dare to move on the crumb of a bed? you are met with huffs of indignity. He snores on the crumb of a bed , I am dying of insomnia.

I have been sick (again) and naturally, as a smoker , when i get sick the cough is hideous and it hangs on forever.

before my hubby left for Spain ,I was sitting there watching t.v. and hacking....he made some remark ,basically stating how annoying it was.

"I'm sick! their stupid cold medicine does not even contain cough medicine."

It all boils down to the space is so small.....hello!
Trust me, HE is every bit as annoying as I am.

Then , Monday night.....I woke up crowded with cats and felt like I had been shot in the chest.

I think I actually broke a rib coughing.

I know this is possible, it happened to my mother once.

Or maybe it's a Tutu mah. or a blood clot.

I don't know ,but it hurts like hell.

I told my spouse " I think I broke a rib coughing. "

Naturally he said " I know what can help that. "

"yeah, so do I."


"Yes, QUIT smoking!"

Not until new years baby.

I had quite the little mental attack about Monkey the other day.

I made the mistake of calling the rescue lady on Sunday....less than 48 hours after she had been in her new home. DUH, what did I expect to hear? That she was happy as a clam , loving her new people? I don't know. I never should have called that soon.

I told the lady I will call her back next Sunday.

By then , I hope to hear some good news.


My walk ON closet

Who are you callin' spoiled?

Happy humpday peeps!

Luv me

Oh, P.S.

I also meant to say that yesterday I took the bus to Fareham,when I got up I saw no frost I thought it was ok out there. Holy crap...was I wrong!The only reason there was no frost is because it was drizzling.It was so damn cold....I was tempted to take a taxi home.

I have no idea what that would cost and I had already paid 2 pounds for my bus fare home. Then the bus drops me off ,it's nearly dark already at about 3 p.m. (or here ,15:00 o' clock) I still have at least a mile to walk before I get home. Thank God I have gloves, scarf and ear muffs. Problem opportunity to go pee ALL day and it is EFFIN freezing AND about every 50 feet I have to stop walking, lift up my coat and pull my pants up or they will literally fall off.

I have to walk right by the doctors office after I get off the bus and I was tempted to go in there and call a taxi for my last mile. But I didn't . Sucka!

OMG! It had to have been the coldest day yet. But how cold was it ? I have NO damn clue because we don't have any local weather report or news and even if we did , i don't understand the stupid Celsius yet.

I can only assume that it was below freezing.

Also meant to say that my darling spouse said "don#t buy me anything"

Yeah, how can I sit thru Christmas , opening my 3 presents if HE has nothing?

Well, let me tell you...I have spent hours and hours searching for something,anything.......either everything here sucks, my husband is spoiled ass rotten or he is impossible to shop for.
Help me out here. Ideas (on the cheap) for the spoiled ass man who has everything??

Hobbies? work.
Pass times? work.
Idea of fun? work.

Oh shit. If you wadded the both of us like a glob of playdogh, you know what we'd be?

A statue of the most boring thing on earth!


Anonymous said...

picture is Logan, I'm guessing! Girl's that age wear makeup.....snow, maybe friday and saturday. ACK! Half price on Christmas items at sos. I have bought a bunch! 41 now, 2night in 20's again. earl

Smocha said...

LOL ,Earl ,at least you don't loom like him :)
EVERYTHING here is expensive as hell!
Whichever kid it is , was too young to wear makeup at the time that pic was taken .so now guess.

Smocha said...

err... that would be LOOK like him. damn blind eyes!

logancornyjoe said...

Holly crap it does look like Logan! Seems fitting though he always tells me he thinks of her as a sis. She is definitely prettier though :) Miss u and Scot so much. Tell him hi. Two procrastinators equal late Christmas card. Sorry it will be late. Love you guys

Anonymous said...

OHHHHH, OHHHHH. I know!!!! But I will wait till ppl have a guess.
Sorry its so cold out there. Go to they have the UK weather. And G/F get a belt!!
Im working 8-6 M-F most days so I will blog this next week at Bren's.
Im a bad blogger : (
See ya soon!
Love ya, Audrey

Anonymous said...

Logan and Soulkid sure do look alike! Logan is very handsome, Soulkid is very attractive. I would say the pic with the long hair is Soulkid. To convert Celsius multiply it by 1.8 and add 32 and you will get Fahrenheit. You are welcome. Do not go around coughing your head off - go to the doctor and get a good prescip. And take 2000 units of vitamin D daily. Your body makes vit D from sunshine and you sure aren't getting any sun. Vit D is needed by the immune system and that is why everybody gets colds in the wintertime - no sunshine. So do it and be healthy the rest of the winter. You're welcome again. G5
PS So 5 degrees Celsius x 1.8 = 9, add 32 and you get 41 degrees F.
Minus 5 degrees Celsius x 1.8 = -9. Add 32 and you get 23 degrees F.

Anonymous said...

Buy hub a leather jacket. All men like leather jackets (not suede - England is not the weather for suede). If he already has such jacket, buy him a really good flashlight. All men love to receive a good flashlight, no matter how many they already have. You are welcome. G5

SOUL: said...

funny guess who post-- and also the guesses.
only the family knows eh? bwa hahaha

anyhow-- i got your spouse a on the cheap prezzie comin-- well, soon as i mail it-- still have a couple things to wrap-- and too damn busy to do it.
it'll get there -- eventually.
but feel free to get on mailing a check--umm, make that a /
shit-- do you have a US bank still? the one you have to pay for was 62.99. better than either of us thought tho-- so that's a plus.
the rest is on santa! :))

anyhow-- as usual, anything else i was gonna say-- out the window now.
damn senile.

love you-
love me.

SOUL: said...

me again-- just decided-- why bother wrappin the stuff? you can figure out whos is whos -- a couple are wrapped -- the rest you can guess.
so i shall TRY to mail it today.
we gotta hit the road in like 20 minutes and i aint even dressed yet.
ugh. why must i be so lethargic all the time?
maybe i have narcolepsy :))

SOUL: said...

oh hell-- me -- again

if it does happen to get there before christmas
none of this - in the mail is freebie stuff.
luv me

i must go-

vicki said...

Man that celius thing so confusing....yea about that irratating cough i feel your pain honey...i thought you were gonna strangle me..get to the dr. and get some of the good stuff dont delay! anyways yea hoe ironic soul kid and logan look alike and yes she is very pretty...very pretty! and logan your a handsome young man....Love Me

lisa said...

Maybe find something online that can be delivered. Favorite chocolate, drink, or even something for his work or travel.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Also take 3 or 4 vitamin c, then 2 a day. really helps! earl

Anonymous said...

ps I have been taking vit D for at least 3 years. When I get off, it always plunges. earl

bettyl said...

They do look a like, don't they!?

For the spouse, give him 'coupons' for back rubs and such, that way you get to spend time together!