Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The one where Dr. Google gets fired......

Dr. Google humiliates American couple :

(click the pic to see it big)

THIS is why women die of heart attacks.

Happy Tuesday peeps!


Anonymous said...

Did you make this up? Smoocha? aj

SOUL: said...

now you know how i feel.
dr google builds hypochondriacs !!!!
i had to fire him too.

sorry, but dr soul was out of the office yesterday. :((
even so, a long distance diagnosis would have been extremely difficult and a consult of the same would have been prescribed .

happy that you are ok. well, that is if mr smocha didn't kill you.

and it is true , women die, because we blow off big things as little things in fear of it being 'nothing'.
remember-- my pulmonary embolism-- two days in extreme pain-- meant it prolly blew out of my leg the day before the pain in my 'side'--
i coulda DIED gilbert!

so yes-- better safe than sorry.

again,. glad you are ok-- go get your rib checked out. and to be coughing that hard? you MUST be smoking too much. stopit!

love you

Anonymous said...

Yes, glad you're ok! I can imagine Mr Smocha getting mad. Just wait, he'll be back at work next week so stay out of sight until then as much as you can! haha aj

Anonymous said...

Need to ask you something. Check email --- aj

Anonymous said...

Sounds like pleurisy coming on. Take 2000 units of Vitamin D daily this winter and every winter. Also, eat chicken noodle soup at least 4 times a week. Hope you are better soon. G5